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Tel Aviv Hotels

TLV88 Sea Hotel Tel-Aviv7.4 (from 5 reviews)
Orchid Tel AvivTel Aviv-Yafo8.9 (from 152 reviews)
Indigo Tel Aviv - Hotel and SpaTel Aviv10 (from 1 reviews)
Alexander Tel Aviv HotelTel Aviv8.3 (from 2 reviews)
Arena Hotel by the BeachBat Yam9.2 (from 8 reviews)
Old Jaffa HouseTel Aviv -
Blue Sea Marble Hotel - Tel AvivTel Aviv8 (from 4 reviews)
Hotel BoBo Tel AvivTel Aviv9.3 (from 9 reviews)
Brut Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv9.4 (from 7 reviews)
THE GORDON INNTel Aviv-Yafo, -
Grand Beach Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv8.6 (from 44 reviews)
Meet Dave Downtown, Son of a BrownTel Aviv8 (from 1 reviews)
Dave Gordon – Son of a BrownTel Aviv9.7 (from 3 reviews)
Town Apartments - By Zvieli Hotels Tel Aviv -
Dan Link Tel AvivTel Aviv8.7 (from 3 reviews)
The market House LoftTel Aviv -
Opera Tel Aviv HotelTel Aviv9.5 (from 2 reviews)
Orchid Okeanos Boutique Hotel -Herzeliya Herzliya8.9 (from 81 reviews)
Herods Tel AvivTel Aviv8.3 (from 13 reviews)
West All Suite Boutique Hotel - Tel AvivTel - Aviv 8.9 (from 25 reviews)
Isrotel Sea Tower Tel AvivTel Aviv9.1 (from 9 reviews)
Leonardo Boutique Tel Aviv HotelTel Aviv-Yafo8.9 (from 18 reviews)
Leonardo Beach Leonardo BeachTel Aviv-Yafo8.7 (from 7 reviews)
Leonardo Art - Tel Aviv Tel Aviv-Yafo8 (from 3 reviews)
Lily & Bloom HotelTel Aviv -
65 Hotel Rothschild Tel AvivTel-Aviv10 (from 2 reviews)
Hotel BY14 Tel AvivTel-Aviv.8.8 (from 15 reviews)
PLAY HOTEL MIDTOWN TEL AVIV - 9 (from 1 reviews)
Port & Blue Hotel Tel Aviv 9.1 (from 15 reviews)
Island Luxurious Suites Hotel in NetanyaNetanya8.5 (from 42 reviews)
Alberto Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv9.6 (from 5 reviews)
Armon Hayarkon Tel AvivTel Aviv8.3 (from 6 reviews)
The Embassy Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv9.9 (from 28 reviews)
Artist Hotel, Tel AvivTel Aviv8.1 (from 6 reviews)
Brown TLV Urban HotelTel Aviv-Yafo10 (from 2 reviews)
Hotel B BerdichevskyTel Aviv,8.9 (from 17 reviews)
Vital Hotel, Tel AvivTel Aviv8.4 (from 10 reviews)
YAM HOTEL, TEL AVIVTel Aviv9.8 (from 3 reviews)
Savoy Boutique Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv8 (from 1 reviews)
Mayer House Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Bachar HouseTel Aviv -
The Backstage HotelTel Aviv -
Brown SeasideTel Aviv8 (from 24 reviews)
Brown Beach House by Brown Hotels, Tel Aviv9.4 (from 9 reviews)
Lighthouse HotelTel Aviv9.4 (from 5 reviews)
Mendeli Street HotelTel Aviv -
The George Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Joseph Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Golden Beach Hotel Tel Aviv7.3 (from 17 reviews)
Hotel De La MerTel-Aviv -
Gordon by the beachTel Aviv -
The Debrah Brown hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv-Yafo7.8 (from 23 reviews)
Dave Levinsky Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Dan Panorama Tel AvivTel Aviv8.5 (from 9 reviews)
Dan Tel AvivTel Aviv9.3 (from 3 reviews)
Assemblage Boutique Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv -
The White House Hotel Tel Aviv-Yafo8.7 (from 6 reviews)
Wom Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Villa Brown Rothschild Tel AvivTel Aviv8.6 (from 7 reviews)
Villa Brown Tel-AvivTel Aviv -
Tal by the Beach Tel AvivTel Aviv10 (from 2 reviews)
The Jaffa Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Port Tower Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Royal Beach EilatEilat8.7 (from 39 reviews)
Kfar Maccabiah Hotel & SuitesRamat Gan8.9 (from 144 reviews)
Leonardo City Tower Hotel - Tel AvivTel Aviv8.5 (from 16 reviews)
Lusky hotel Tel Aviv – rooms & suitesTel Aviv9.4 (from 69 reviews)
Lear Sense HotelGedera -
Metropolitan Suites Tel-Aviv Tel Aviv-Yafo -
Hotel Metropolitan Tel-AvivTel Aviv8.5 (from 42 reviews)
Muse Hotel TLVTel Aviv9.5 (from 2 reviews)
Melody Hotel - Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Hotel MargosaTel Aviv9.3 (from 28 reviews)
MARKET HOUSE HOTEL, TEL AVIVJaffa8.8 (from 2 reviews)
NYX Tel Aviv – Hotel by FattalTel Aviv-Yafo9.2 (from 23 reviews)
Sun City Tel AvivTel Aviv, -
SEA NET HOTEL TEL AVIVTel Aviv8.6 (from 7 reviews)
Center Hotel - Tel AvivTEL AVIV9 (from 1 reviews)
The Alma Hotel and LoungeTel Aviv8.8 (from 3 reviews)
POLI HOUSETel Aviv10 (from 2 reviews)
The New Port Hotel TLV Tel Aviv8.9 (from 160 reviews)
Hotel 75- Prima Hotels Tel Aviv9.8 (from 1 reviews)
Prima Tel Aviv Hotel Tel Aviv8 (from 2 reviews)
CUCU Hotel Tel Aviv -
Carlton Tel Aviv HotelTel Aviv-Yafo -
Hotel Rothschild 22Tel Aviv9.1 (from 34 reviews)
Royal Beach Tel AvivTel Aviv9.5 (from 14 reviews)
Roxon Ramat Gan Ramat Gan8.2 (from 47 reviews)
Roxon Urban Hotel Ramat GanRamat Gan -
The Raphael House HotelRishon Lezion -
Sadot Hotel - Beer YaakovBeer Yaakov -
Shalom Hotel & Relax - Tel AvivTel Aviv10 (from 1 reviews)
Ruth Daniel ResidenceTel Aviv -
Nordoy- Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Norman boutique hotel in Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Sun Aviv Tel AvivTel Aviv -
The Setai Tel Aviv Tel Aviv-Yafo10 (from 3 reviews)
Cinema Hotel, Tel AvivTel-Aviv9.8 (from 1 reviews)
The Spot Hostel Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Fabric Hotel Tel avivTel Aviv -
PLAY Levontin Tel AvivTel Aviv -
Prima Link Hotel Petah TikvaPetah Tikva -
Prima City HotelTel Aviv8.9 (from 6 reviews)
The Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv9.3 (from 3 reviews)
Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv BeachTel Aviv9.8 (from 4 reviews)
Roxon Sea Sand - Bat Yam (Formerly Armon Yam)Bat Yam7.5 (from 11 reviews)
Theodor Hotel Tel AvivTel Aviv9 (from 1 reviews)