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Dead Sea Hotels

Biankini resort village Dead SeaDead Sea -
Kalia Kibbutz HotelDead Sea 8.7 (from 154 reviews)
The Herbert Samuel Hod Dead SeaEin Bokek8.4 (from 425 reviews)
Herods Dead Sea HotelNeve Zohar,8.9 (from 16 reviews)
VERT Dead Sea HotelEilat9.2 (from 28 reviews)
Almog Holiday VillageKibbutz Almog7.3 (from 7 reviews)
Leonardo Plaza Dead SeaEin Bokek8.4 (from 70 reviews)
Leonardo Club Hotel Dead Sea - All Inclusive Ein Bokek7.7 (from 36 reviews)
Enjoy Dead Sea HotelEin Bokek8.4 (from 103 reviews)
Oasis Spa Club Hotel Dead SeaEin Bokek8.7 (from 36 reviews)
David Dead Sea Resort & SpaEin Bokek8.6 (from 267 reviews)
Noga Hotel (Newly renovated Ganim)Ein Bokek8.7 (from 99 reviews)
Leonardo Inn Dead Sea HotelEin Bokek8.2 (from 24 reviews)
The Lot Hotel Deadsea Deadsea9.6 (from 31 reviews)
Milos Dead Sea HotelEin Bokek9.2 (from 15 reviews)
Ein Gedi Hotel Ein Gedi8.5 (from 146 reviews)
Inbar Hotel AradArad8 (from 52 reviews)
Nevo (Isrotel Dead Sea Resort and Spa)Ein Bokek9.1 (from 121 reviews)
Royal Dead Sea HotelEin Bokek8 (from 65 reviews)
ROXON Desert Arad -