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Jerusalem Hotels

The JERU Caps HotelJerusalem -
Crowne Plaza JerusalemJerusalem7.8 (from 2 reviews)
IBIS Jerusalem StylesJerusalem9.5 (from 14 reviews)
Bat Sheva HotelJerusalem9.1 (from 12 reviews)
Beit Shmuel Jerusalem5.9 (from 1 reviews)
Machne Yehuda a member of Brown HotelsJerusalem9.5 (from 6 reviews)
Jerusalem Inn HotelJerusalem9.3 (from 6 reviews)
Jerusalem Gardens Hotel Jerusalem8.4 (from 20 reviews)
Grand Court JerusalemJerusalem8.3 (from 39 reviews)
Stay Jaffa - 9.7 (from 3 reviews)
Dan JerusalemJerusalem8.7 (from 15 reviews)
Dan Panorama Jerusalem HotelJerusalem8.8 (from 4 reviews)
Leonardo Boutique JerusalemJerusalem9.2 (from 6 reviews)
Leonardo Jerusalem HotelJerusalem8.2 (from 10 reviews)
Leonardo Plaza Hotel JerusalemJerusalem9.3 (from 12 reviews)
Logos Hotel in Yad HaShmonaYad Hashmona9.1 (from 160 reviews)
Montefiore Hotel JerusalemJerusalem8.8 (from 17 reviews)
Orient Jerusalem - IsrotelJerusalem9.8 (from 18 reviews)
Hotel ibis Jerusalem City CenterJerusalem9.6 (from 24 reviews)
Eyal Hotel JerusalemJerusalem9.3 (from 24 reviews)
Hotel EldanJerusalem8.6 (from 9 reviews)
Alegra Boutique Hotel Jerusalem Jerusalem9 (from 86 reviews)
Villa Brown Boutique HotelTel Aviv-Yafo9.3 (from 3 reviews)
Bezalel Hotel JerusalemJERUSALEM -
Gordonia Private Hotel MA'ALE HAHAMISHA9.2 (from 3 reviews)
City CenterJerusalem3.9 (from 1 reviews)
Dan Boutique Jerusalem HotelJerusalem8.5 (from 6 reviews)
The Odette Boutique HotelJerusalem -
Villa Ba’Moshava - JerusalemJerusalem8.7 (from 4 reviews)
The Sephardic House HotelJerusalem8.3 (from 9 reviews)
Hillel 11 Jerusalem Jerusalem8.7 (from 9 reviews)
Heleni HotelJerusalem8.5 (from 2 reviews)
King David Hotel JerusalemJerusalem9.4 (from 1 reviews)
The King Solomon hotel Jerusalem.Jerusalem8.7 (from 11 reviews)
Herbert Samuel JerusalemJerusalem9.3 (from 125 reviews)
Harmony Hotel JerusalemJerusalem10 (from 1 reviews)
Hotel YearimJudean Hills7.4 (from 30 reviews)
Cramim Hotel Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim9.3 (from 74 reviews)
Lev Yerushalayim - JerusalemJerusalem8.6 (from 56 reviews)
Jerusalem Tower Hotel Jerusalem7.7 (from 1 reviews)
Mamilla Hotel - JerusalemJerusalem9.1 (from 10 reviews)
David Citadel HotelJerusalem9.2 (from 4 reviews)
C Hotel Neve IlanNeve Ilan8.5 (from 84 reviews)
Neve Shalom HotelNeve Shalom9.3 (from 1 reviews)
Prima Kings HotelJerusalem9.5 (from 5 reviews)
Prima Palace Hotel - Jerusalem Jerusalem -
Prima Park Hotel JerusalemJerusalem7.5 (from 4 reviews)
Prima Royale HotelJerusalem8.4 (from 7 reviews)
Tzuba Hotel in the Judean HillsJerusalem8.3 (from 356 reviews)
Caesar Premier JerusalemJerusalem8 (from 60 reviews)
Ramada JerusalemJerusalem10 (from 1 reviews)
Ramat Rachel Resort Jerusalem8.4 (from 30 reviews)
Shoresh - Green Hills - 8.9 (from 98 reviews)
Shalom Jerusalem Hotel Jerusalem8 (from 36 reviews)
Shamai Suites JerusalemJerusalem7.4 (from 11 reviews)
Shani Hotel JerusalemJerusalem6.9 (from 7 reviews)
Ein Kerem HotelJerusalem9 (from 20 reviews)
Inbal Hotel JerusalemJerusalem9.6 (from 9 reviews)
JERUSALEM GATE HOTELJerusalem9.5 (from 4 reviews) travel guide

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