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Jerusalem Hotels

The JERU Caps HotelJerusalem -
IBIS Jerusalem StylesJerusalem9.6 (from 17 reviews)
Bat Sheva HotelJerusalem9.1 (from 12 reviews)
Beit Shmuel Jerusalem5.9 (from 1 reviews)
Machne Yehuda a member of Brown HotelsJerusalem9.4 (from 10 reviews)
Jerusalem Inn HotelJerusalem9.3 (from 6 reviews)
Jerusalem Gardens Hotel Jerusalem8.5 (from 21 reviews)
Grand Court JerusalemJerusalem8.4 (from 40 reviews)
Stay Jaffa - 9.7 (from 3 reviews)
Dan JerusalemJerusalem8.9 (from 18 reviews)
Dan Panorama Jerusalem HotelJerusalem8.8 (from 4 reviews)
Vert JerusalemJerusalem7.8 (from 2 reviews)
Leonardo Boutique JerusalemJerusalem9.2 (from 6 reviews)
Leonardo Jerusalem HotelJerusalem8.4 (from 12 reviews)
Leonardo Plaza Hotel JerusalemJerusalem9.3 (from 12 reviews)
Logos Hotel in Yad HaShmonaYad Hashmona9.1 (from 160 reviews)
Montefiore Hotel JerusalemJerusalem8.8 (from 17 reviews)
Orient Jerusalem - IsrotelJerusalem9.8 (from 18 reviews)
Hotel ibis Jerusalem City CenterJerusalem9.6 (from 28 reviews)
Eyal Hotel JerusalemJerusalem9.2 (from 29 reviews)
Hotel EldanJerusalem8.8 (from 10 reviews)
Alegra Boutique Hotel Jerusalem Jerusalem9 (from 86 reviews)
Gordonia Private Hotel MA'ALE HAHAMISHA9.2 (from 3 reviews)
Villa Brown Boutique HotelTel Aviv-Yafo9.3 (from 4 reviews)
Bezalel Hotel JerusalemJERUSALEM10 (from 1 reviews)
Brown JLM Mamilla HotelJerusalem9.5 (from 4 reviews)
City CenterJerusalem3.9 (from 1 reviews)
Dan Boutique Jerusalem HotelJerusalem8.5 (from 6 reviews)
The Odette Boutique HotelJerusalem -
Villa Ba’Moshava - JerusalemJerusalem9 (from 5 reviews)
The Sephardic House HotelJerusalem8.4 (from 10 reviews)
Hillel 11 Jerusalem Jerusalem8.7 (from 9 reviews)
Heleni HotelJerusalem8.5 (from 2 reviews)
King David Hotel JerusalemJerusalem9.4 (from 1 reviews)
Herbert Samuel JerusalemJerusalem9.3 (from 125 reviews)
Harmony Hotel JerusalemJerusalem10 (from 1 reviews)
Hotel YearimJudean Hills7.4 (from 30 reviews)
Cramim Hotel Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim9.3 (from 81 reviews)
Lev Yerushalayim - JerusalemJerusalem8.6 (from 56 reviews)
Lady Stern HotelJerusalem -
Mamilla Hotel - JerusalemJerusalem9.1 (from 10 reviews)
David Citadel HotelJerusalem9.2 (from 4 reviews)
C Hotel Neve IlanNeve Ilan8.4 (from 86 reviews)
Neve Shalom HotelNeve Shalom9.3 (from 1 reviews)
The Olive Tree HotelJerusalem9 (from 1 reviews)
Prima Kings HotelJerusalem9.5 (from 5 reviews)
Prima Vera Jerusalem Jerusalem7.6 (from 3 reviews)
Prima Palace Hotel - Jerusalem Jerusalem -
Prima Park Hotel JerusalemJerusalem7.5 (from 4 reviews)
Prima Royale HotelJerusalem8.4 (from 7 reviews)
Tzuba Hotel in the Judean HillsJerusalem8.3 (from 361 reviews)
Caesar Premier JerusalemJerusalem8.1 (from 64 reviews)
The Cassia hotel JerusalemJerusalem8.8 (from 12 reviews)
Ramada JerusalemJerusalem7.7 (from 3 reviews)
Ramat Rachel Resort Jerusalem8.4 (from 31 reviews)
Shoresh - Green Hills - 8.9 (from 98 reviews)
Shalom Jerusalem Hotel Jerusalem8 (from 36 reviews)
Shamai Suites JerusalemJerusalem7.4 (from 11 reviews)
Shani Hotel JerusalemJerusalem6.9 (from 7 reviews)
Ein Kerem HotelJerusalem8.9 (from 25 reviews)
Inbal Hotel JerusalemJerusalem9.6 (from 9 reviews)
JERUSALEM GATE HOTELJerusalem9.4 (from 7 reviews)