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Tiberias Hotels

Ohalo Manor Hotel Kinneret8 (from 23 reviews)
Kibbutz Sha'ar HagolanKibbutz Shaar Hagolan8.4 (from 8 reviews)
Ein HarodKibbutz Ein Harod Ihud9.4 (from 20 reviews)
Astoria Galilee Hotel – TiberiasTiberias8.6 (from 79 reviews)
Golden Crown Old CityNazareth -
Rimonim Galei Kinnereth HotelTiberias8.8 (from 9 reviews)
The Scots hotel - Adults only hotelTiberias9.8 (from 5 reviews)
Eouropa 1917 HotelTiberias10 (from 1 reviews)
U Boutique KinneretTiberias10 (from 1 reviews)
Isrotel Mizpe Hayamim - 9.5 (from 9 reviews)
Maagan Eden Hotel – Holiday VillageMaagan8.5 (from 91 reviews)
G HotelTiberias10 (from 1 reviews)
Leonardo Hotel TiberiasTiberias8.2 (from 34 reviews)
Leonardo Plaza Hotel TiberiasTiberias8.9 (from 14 reviews)
Leonardo Club Tiberias All InclusiveTiberias8.8 (from 23 reviews)
Olive Resort on the Sea of ​​Galilee - Olive chainRamot8.5 (from 5 reviews)
Olive Gilboa - 8 (from 1 reviews)
Shirat Hayam Boutique HotelTverya8.3 (from 3 reviews)
Jacob HotelTiberias8.4 (from 9 reviews)
Golan Hotel TiberiasTiberias7.9 (from 3 reviews)
Goma HotelSea of Galilee9.3 (from 8 reviews)
King Solomon TiberiasTverya8.8 (from 20 reviews)
Boutique Hotel Tiberias Tiberias - chain Tiberias -
Havaya TiberiasTiberias7.8 (from 7 reviews)
Gai Beach HotelSea of Galilee -
Kinar Galilee HotelSea of Galilee9 (from 2 reviews)
La Perla Tiberias Hotelטבריה10 (from 1 reviews)
Lake House Kinneret Tiberias8.1 (from 44 reviews)
Magdala HotelTiberias9.8 (from 8 reviews)
Sofia Hotel TiberiasTiberias9.2 (from 6 reviews)
Setai Sea of GalileeSea of Galilee8.6 (from 12 reviews)
Eden Hotel TiberiasTiberias -
Prima Galil Tiberias HotelTiberias6.5 (from 1 reviews)
Kibbutz Lavi HotelKibbutz Lavi9.7 (from 14 reviews)
Royal Plaza HotelTiberias8.4 (from 31 reviews)
Sea of Galilee Village, Haon Beach Kibbutz Haon Kinneret8.7 (from 8 reviews)
Nof Ginosar HotelKibbutz Ginnosar8.7 (from 37 reviews)
Caesar Premier Tiberias HotelTiberias8.2 (from 85 reviews)
Ramot Resort HotelMoshav Ramot8.5 (from 3 reviews) travel guide

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