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The Backstage Hotel

The Backstage Hotel

A new boutique hotel called BackStage has opened in Tel Aviv, Israel, within the preserved and renovated Bauhaus building that formerly housed the Ahel theatre. The hotel is part of the Atlas chain and was established with an investment of millions of shekels. The building, which is almost 100 years old, was designed by architect Aryeh Sharon in the international style, and the hotel's interiors are an homage to the world of theatre. The hotel has been six years in preparation, with careful attention paid to restoration work, such as the replication of original lighting fixtures and the restoration of stairwells. The central atrium space has been transformed into a glass-ceilinged lobby, and the hotel rooms are designed as galleries.

Experience the world of stage and performance at the Backstage Hotel, where the interior design draws inspiration from the backstage of theaters. Guests will find thick screen curtains, textures, and decorative items used by actors in their performances. The breakfast is a unique experience crafted by stage artists and a chef, complete with special instruments and a sound piece composed by a musician. The hotel's artwork selection is based on the building's history as an active theater in the past, with a large painting installation and suit sculptures in the lobby. The rooms feature paintings by two artists that communicate with each other and echo the spirit of the theater. Book your stay at the Backstage Hotel today for an unforgettable theatrical experience.

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  • Dining Room
  • Boutique Hotel
  • WiFi in the Rooms