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Ben Yehuda St 77, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6343801, Tel Aviv-Yafo,

The Gordon Inn Youth Hostel is located in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel close to all the popular tourist destinations: large variety of famous restaurants, pubs, bars, museums, which are all in walking distance from the hostel. Only a five minute walk to the beach, boardwalk and the famous Tel Aviv port ("Namal").
The Gordon Inn Tel Aviv Youth Hostel takes great pride in maintaining a clean, fun and quality environment for all its guests.
Most of the Gordon Inn Tel Aviv Youth Hostel customers are returning customers and ones that have been referred by friends or family. In other words, once you stay in the Gordon Inn Hostel in Tel Aviv Israel, you will not want to stay anywhere else!
In the Gordon Inn Hostel, you have an option of three types of rooms:
Private rooms with a private bathroom and shower, which holds a capacity of up to four people.
Private rooms with shared bathroom and shower, in the corridor near the room.
Dorm rooms with a shared bathroom and shower , which are near the room.
In each room of the Gordon Tel Aviv Israel Youth Hostel there is a television, air conditioning, mini bar and wireless connection.

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סטודיו סטנדרט זוגי

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