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Norman boutique hotel in Tel Aviv

Norman boutique hotel in Tel Aviv

23-25 Nachmani Street Tel Aviv, 6579441, Israel, Tel Aviv

Whether you are leisure guests looking for tranquility and luxury pampering; Business guests looking for the perfect place to conduct business meetings or team evenings; Or those looking to develop a dreamy and prestigious career in a world-renowned boutique hotel – each and every guest and employee is touched by The Norman magic.

After 8 years of painstaking redevelopment to the two historic buildings at Nachmani 23 & 25 The Norman hotel opened its doors in 2016. The interior design project, lead by world renowned interior designer David d’Almada, and the evolving art collection of some of the worlds most well-known contemporary artists immediately set The Norman apart.

In addition, the culinary offering as well as the rooftop wellness area and pool made The Norman the only boutique hotel in Tel Aviv that offered the facilities associated with the larger chain brands.

In just a short time, The Norman hotel became a name that is synonymous in Israel and around the world with the 5 star luxury, exceptional design and multiple award winning pampering experience we constantly strive to deliver.

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Hotel Facilities

  • Swimming Pool
  • Dining Room
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Business Hotel
  • Urban Hotel
  • Free WiFi
  • WiFi in the Rooms
  • Luxurious suites
  • 10
  • 15 Minutes walk from the beach