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Mendeli Street Hotel

Mendeli Street Hotel

Mendeli Street, Tel Aviv, 63907, Israel , Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the perfect vacation destination for us.

The barista should make our coffee exactly how we like it so that we can feel like locals. We want to find the cute corners hidden in side streets, eat in authentic restaurants that only Tel Avivians know and discover the secret corners hidden in side streets. The city must also be experienced as a tourist - we want to enjoy the food, culture, and nightlife as if it were our first visit and to return to the hotel to a pampered and well-designed room where we can enjoy luxury bedding, chocolates, and fine wines.

At our hotel on Mendeli Street, we make this exact fantasy come true with warm and personal service.

"It would be great to live there, it would be great to be a tourist there."

The hotel's Tel Aviv experience

We have created a hotel that illustrates the local experience: interior designers and local artists, headed by the Bernovich Cronenberg architectural firm, are in charge of the hotel's design. One of the best and most loved restaurant in the city is the hotel restaurant "Mishya," which celebrates Israeli food and ingredients. Her breakfast is one of the most delicious in the city, and her coffee is just right for you.
The details in the hotel's public areas, rooms, meeting rooms, and gym were carefully selected to create an atmosphere that evokes comfort, pampering, and luxury in you. Yes, there is chocolate - and it comes from Tel Aviv chocolatier Ika Cohen.

Take a stroll along Tel Aviv's beautiful boulevards and browse the unique shops and galleries on Ben Yehuda Street as you discover the hotel's beach, its beautiful boulevards, and its special shops and galleries.

In our hotel on Mandli Street, you should feel at home.

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  • Gym
  • Meeting Room
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Urban Hotel