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About the Mitzpe Ramon travel guide

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About the Mitzpe Ramon

About the Mitzpe Ramon

Mizpe Ramon travel guide

Mitzpe Ramon –  is a town in the Negev desert of southern Israel. It is situated on the northern ridge at an elevation of 2,400 feet (800m.) overlooking an enormous erosion cirque known as the Ramon Crater. This crater, or “Machtesh”, as it is called in Hebrew (a term also used by geologists around the world) is 28 miles long and five miles wide. It is a formation unique to Israel and the Sinai.


Due to the desert climate, Mitzpe Ramon experiences very hot summers and cold winters.


Isrotel Beresheet Mitzpe Ramon Hotel

The combination of breath-taking desert scenery together with the unique architecture and top quality service makes Beresheet
one of the most extraordinary hotels in Israel.
Beresheet is one of the most successful hotels in Israel and it enjoys a large number of returning guests, both Israelis in tourists come back to this amazing hotel every year. Beresheet guarantees an unforgetable hospitality experience – great service, a gourmet restaurant, a luxury spa, elegant and comfortable rooms and of course, the second to none desert view.

Isrotel Ramon Inn

Isrotel Ramon Inn is a cozy, pleasant and intimate hotel of ninety-six rooms and suites, located near the breathtaking Ramon Crater. Isrotel Ramon Inn offers its guests many extreme activities: hiking or biking in Ramon Crater or other desert locations, camel riding, abseiling, ORVs tours, tours to Bedouin tent encampments, moonlight tours, meeting alpacas and more. At the end of a long and exciting day you will return to a quite and comfortable hotel, Isrotel Ramon Inn. Nature lovers, desert enthusiasts, families or bicycle riders will find the magic of the desert here with us.
Isrotel Ramon Inn takes pride in its main restaurant, we serve top-quality and homelike dishes with a Mediterranean touch. Guests may also enjoy our indoor pool, heated and open all year round, our saunas and body treatments.


Of all of Israel’s desert regions, the Ramon area has the most varied and lush flora. This can be attributed to the variety of habitats found here and to the difference between the climactic conditions on the Ramon Ridge and those on the Machtesh floor. The high regions of the Ramon Ridge, such as Mizpe Ramon and the Loz Cisterns, have a steppian climate. Because of the cold desert winters, the flowers here bloom in late winter and early spring, a time when the ridge is awash with color.

The Machtesh floor is drier and hotter than the ridge. Saharo-Steppian flora (originating in the Sahara Desert and the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula) are most commonly seen here. The desert springs and the damp soil near them also give rise to a special habitat. Rushes, whose leaves have needle-like points, cattails, and reeds grow near the fresh water. This is evidence that there is groundwater close by, even if none is visible.


Thanks to the variety of habitats in the Ramon region, many species of animals choose to make their homes here. Because of the size and remoteness of Machtesh Ramon and stringent nature-conservation efforts in the Ramon region, the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority decided this would be an appropriate place for the reintroduction of animals which had disappeared from the Negev Desert landscape. One was the onager, a wild ass which cannot be domesticated.
The Nubian ibex, once in danger of becoming extinct in Israel, now romps happily on the cliffs of Machtesh Ramon. The Negev highlands also has populations of leopards, hyenas, dorcas gazelles, wolves, red foxes, Afghan foxes, caracals, sand foxes, and Syrian hyraxes. The small rodents – fat sand rat, garden dormoose, and golden spiny mouse – and the many reptiles in the Machtesh are harder to spot. These animals are on view at Bio-Ramon.

Night star gazing at the Mitzpe Ramon

The clear unpolluted air and the altitude of Mitzpe Ramon makes it a great place for star gazing at night. Hikers and bikers will find here interesting desert challenges. There are also a reasonable accommodations here for all : Guest House, Campground, B&B and hotels

Exploring the Wonders of Mizpe Ramon Israel

Exploring Ancient Sites
Mizpe Ramon has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Home to numerous ancient archaeological sites from different periods, including Mamshit National Park and Shivta National Park, it holds some of the most important historical artifacts in all of Israel. Touring these sites is an incredible way to learn about Jewish and Christian culture in a beautiful setting.

Experience Local Cuisine and Culture
Mizpe Ramon is also home to some amazing local cuisine and culture. With delicious restaurants serving up authentic Israeli dishes like falafel and shawarma! You can also take part in workshops with local artisans or visit nearby markets where vendors sell traditional handmade crafts and souvenirs.

Take a Hike (or two!)
If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, then you’ll be pleased to know that Mizpe Ramon offers plenty of hiking options. From easy trails that wind through the desert landscape to more challenging hikes up steep mountain paths, there’s something for everyone here! You can even join guided tours led by experienced hikers who will show you all the best spots along the way.

Mitzpe Ramon - Ramon Lookout

Mitzpe Ramon - Ramon Lookout

Mitzpe Ramon - Ramon Lookout is a town in the Negev desert of southern Israel. It is situated on the northern ridge at an elevation of 2,400 feet (800m.) overlooking an enormous erosion cirque known as the Ramon Crater. This crater, or “Machtesh”, as it is called in Hebrew (a term also used by geologists around the world) is 28 miles long and five miles wide. It is a formation unique to Israel and the Sinai. Ramon Crater Ramon Crater is the largest one one of the three Negev craters. It contains geological formations unparalleled elsewhere in the world. Together with magnificent panorama, it presents a fascinating story of geomorphologic evolution. The Ramon Nature Reserve encompassing the crater and the Negev mountains surrounding it is the largest nature reserve in Israel. Mitzpe Ramon was originally founded in 1951 as a camp for the workers building the road to Eilat. The town's first permanent residents, immigrants from North Africa and Romania, settled there in the 1960s, and it became the southernmost of the Negev's development towns. The development of Mitzpe Ramon was adversely affected by the opening of Route 90 in the late 1960s. After the inauguration of this highway, traffic to and from Eilat bypassed Mitzpe Ramon almost entirely. However, growing interest in ecotourism, jeep trekking and hiking, and the upgrading of Route 40, which is considered a more scenic route to Eilat, have improved matters since the mid-1990s. There is a visitors center overlooking the Ramon Crater and the fit can walk down into the crater for a 4 to 5 hour trek without any shade. There is a Lama and Alpaca farm and other attractions.

The alpacas farm near Mizpe Ramon

The alpacas farm near Mizpe Ramon

Five minutes drive from Mitzpe Ramon, near the Ramon Crater, you will find a charming gem, an alpaca farm with a herd of alpacas and llamas of the Negev. South American safaris like this can only be found in the Andes Mountains... or in the Negev Mountains and experience it. You will meet many different animals here, you can pet and feed the alpacas and llamas, ride a horse, hear about the story of the farm, and of course stay in the B&Bs and spend the night with us. Hear from the farm team about the alpacas' fascinating journey from the distant Andes to the Negev mountains and their amusing customs Go on a Llama picnic - a beautiful hike in the hills around the farm, just you and the llama who helps carry the picnic. You can choose a cute alpaca or llama and feed it from the palm of your hand. Each guest receives the bag of delicious food at the entrance to the farm. Yes, you can walk along the desert paths to the rim of the crater, riding on the back of one of our horses. No previous experience is required. Visit the stone hut, rest and enjoy a cup of coffee, herbal tea or ice cream. At the farm you can also practice yoga in our studio or in the desert space, alone or with the farm's yoga instructor.

Mitzpe Ramon Attractions and activities

Mitzpe Ramon Attractions and activities

The Alpaca Farm The Alpaca Farm is the only farm in the world where over 400 exotic alpacas & Lamas are raised and where the entire process of growing and spinning them can be observed. The Desert Archery Park The Desert Archery Park in Mitzpe Ramon is the only place in the world where you can enjoy a game of archery while hiking through 300 dunam of natural desert terrain. Decide the length of your archery course (1-4 km) and play this wonderfull game. Karkom Jeep Tours Karkom Jeep Tours in the Negev Desert The Albert Promenade. A trail decorated with impressive environmental sculptures - starts from the Visitors Center and goes aloin along the edge of the Ramon Crater. In the middle of the promenade there is a "bird balcony" which hangs above the crater and offers the best view around over the crater. Visitors can see birds flying under their feet rather than over their head. After the paved trail ends, a path continues along the crater edge and leads to a small observation platform installed atop of a rock resembling a camel. Bio Ramon. A museum showcasing the wildlife of the desert and the crater. The rich collection of desert plants and animals displayed is divided into two parts: an indoor interpretation center and an outdoor area reconstructing the Negev desert landscape, with desert loess, hamada, sand, cliffs, riverbeds and even a small spring.

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