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Tag: winery

Amphorae Winery – Kerem Maharal Amphorae Winery – Kerem Maharal

Amphorae Winery – Kerem Maharal

Located in a picturesque landscape, Amphorae Winery offers a unique hospitality experience in a magical courtyard. After parking your car at Havat Kora, you will walk along a beautiful path between olive trees and vines, through the Tam orchard, until you see the unique stone structure of the winery. The winery is located in the organic indoor farm, at the foot of a vineyard from the Harel, in the heart of a natural, green, and abundant region. You can order wine tastings from the menu: white wine, blanc de noir, light-medium bodied red wine and full bodied red wine. A cheese platter with 4 types of cheese: cheddar, beef manchego in red wine, goat gouda and goat's bouche/ Brie de Normandie, types of dips, Syrian olives, truffle butter, cut fruit topped with walnuts, double caprese salad, artichoke alla Romana salad , a plate of sausages that includes 4 types of sausages of your choice, pesto dip, gherkins, mustard and a French baguette hot from the oven. Kerem Maharal: In 1949, immigrants from the Czech Republic established Kerem Maharal, a worker settlement for agricultural settlement Ltd. The moshav, which is part of the Carmel Coast Regional Council, has about 650 residents and is in the middle of an expansion process that tripled its population. An east-west spur separates the Maharal Valley in the east from the Bekat A song in the west, with the Harel The moshav located at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level. There are wide valleys formed by the weathering of limestone layers in this area of "low Carmel" (which does not exceed 200 meters in height). tel:04-9840702

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