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Brut wine bar, Tel Aviv travel guide

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Brut wine bar, Tel Aviv

Brut wine bar, Tel Aviv

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Phone: 03-5102923

If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience, look no further than Brut. This restaurant’s cuisine is inspired by the classic French and Italian kitchens, but with a Middle Eastern twist. You’ll find ingredients like lamb and yogurt from Nazareth, fruit and vegetables from Hebron, and spices from Tel Aviv’s Levinsky Market. The menu features both classic dishes and seasonal creations, often invented the same day they’re served. And the wine list is a love letter to all things French and Italian, with a focus on small-scale producers and Israeli wineries. Brut is an ongoing celebration of local terroir, and you won’t find anything else quite like it.

Brut is small, deeply personal wine bistro in Tel Aviv, founded by yair yosefi and omer ben gal.

Brut’s cuisine is inspired by Yair and Omer’s shared love of the classic French and Italian kitchens, while remaining steadfastly rooted in local Middle Eastern tradition.

The ingredients used in Brut are sourced from the Levant, including lamb and yogurt from Nazareth, fruit and vegetables from Hebron, and spices from Tel Aviv’s Levinsky Market.

There is a stable of classic dishes as well as an ever-changing selection of seasonal dishes, often created the very same day.

In a similar way, Brut’s extensive wine list is a love letter to all things French and Italian while also highlighting Israel’s emerging winemakers.

They also work with Israeli wineries on blends that are grown and bottled exclusively for Brut, which are imported from small-scale producers in Bourgogne and Piedmont. Local terroir is celebrated and examined in Brut.

Along with the physical land and its raw materials, this also includes the culture, communities, and yes, even conflicts that have influenced the land’s character.”

Opening hours:

Sunday: 19:00 - 00:00

Monday: 19:00 - 00:00

Tuesday: 19:00 - 00:00

Wednesday: 19:00 - 00:00

Thursday: 19:00 - 00:00

Friday: 19:00 - 00:00

Saturday: 19:00 - 00:00

The Vivino Restaurant in Haifa

The Vivino Restaurant in Haifa

The Vivino restaurant offers an appetizing design, an open kitchen with a traditional tabon at its center, cordial hospitality, and an Italian atmosphere that is so appropriate to the Israeli character. Vivino serves traditional and modern Italian cuisine with an appetizing design. With the help of selected local produce, the restaurant offers a rich menu based on fresh and high-quality raw materials imported from Italy. With them, he creates a variety of fresh pastas, rich risotto, pizzas in different styles, focaccia, fresh fish, juicy meats, and vegan and gluten-free dishes. In the afternoon on Friday, we came to dine, the place was crowded, and we ordered in advance. The waiter was very nice and the service was fast, everything arrived within a few minutes. It was definitely a surprise. The menu included bolognese, salmon and cream pasta, pizza, and more. There are a lot of desserts and dishes to choose from. Several people could share one dessert! In addition to wine tastings throughout Italy, Vivino also offers wine tours... A rich wine menu is available here in the bar A collection of fine and authentic wines from the Land of the Boot, wines from the best wineries in Israel, and unique cocktails gathered by expert winemakers.

Schwartzman Dairy and Farm: A Taste of History and Authentic Craftsmanship

Schwartzman Dairy and Farm: A Taste of History and Authentic Craftsmanship

About 120 years ago, Zelig Schwartzman settled in the new Bat Shlomo community and built his home. His family went on to establish the renowned Schwartzman Dairy 20 years later, and has been crafting goat, sheep, and beef cheeses with love and dedication ever since. The family has kept the secrets of their boutique cheese production and preparation for four generations. Bat Shlomo is a small community located in the northern region of Israel, nestled between the Carmel Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The area is known for its breathtaking views, picturesque landscapes, and historical significance. Experience a bygone heritage and way of life while savoring an unforgettable culinary adventure in the family's yard. The ancient stone structure, standing in the courtyard for over a century, transports visitors to another time. The building serves as both a private museum and a restaurant, showcasing representative objects, tools, photos, and documents documenting the farm's past and the settlement's founding. You can admire the agricultural equipment and various machines used in the dairy's early days. The treasures of the past testify to the site's rich history. Savor the variety of flavors offered at the dairy, including fine cheeses made from goat, sheep, and cow milk, ranging from soft to hard and aged to ripe. Enjoy olives harvested with care from Bat Shlomo's orchards and grown at the foot of Mount Horshan. The olives are known for their exceptional taste and are used to produce pure olive oil. The family also produces amber-colored natural honey collected from beehives working diligently to collect nectar from the flowers of Nahal Dalia and the surrounding area. You can try the date honey (Silan), carob honey, honeysuckle honey, and more, all mixed in-house without mass production. Each bite is a journey through the region's flavors and aromas of the past. Don't miss out on the menu's specialties, including green and black olives served at the entrance and the mouth-watering cheese slits prepared with love and pride by Ziv Schwartzman behind the counter. Come for a visit and taste history blended with contemporary produce, seasoned with the aromas of the past, and crafted with real craftsmanship. The Schwartzman Dairy and Farm's unique taste lies in the authenticity preserved since the dairy's establishment, which is still practiced today. Ziv, the third generation, and his fourth-generation daughters refuse to switch to modern methods, inheriting and preserving the cheese-making secrets and traditions of raising cattle, sheep, and producing cheese passed down from Zelig's grandfather and Ziv Shimon's father. Each cow, goat, and sheep is treated with individual care, receiving personal attention and manual milking methods. The dairy's products are processed with endless dedication and love, resulting in high-quality milk and cheese. Come for a visit and combine it with a full meal at the cheese restaurant located in the farm's courtyard. Savor an abundance of flavors, including stuffed and special spreads, and finish with coffee and sweet desserts. Visitors can also purchase the best of the farm's produce at the on-site shop, taking home the flavors worth savoring. Experience a taste of the past and quality craftsmanship in a beautiful scenery.

Kampai Beer Sheva - Fusion Asian restaurant in Israel

Kampai Beer Sheva - Fusion Asian restaurant in Israel

It has been over eight years since Kampai Beer Sheva has become Beer Sheva's leading bar-restaurant. The word "Campai" means life in Japanese and stands out among all the Asian restaurants in Israel. In addition to Japanese sushi, wok dishes and grilled meats from Far East countries, Kampai specializes in Asian cuisine. Also, Kampai Beer Sheva's spacious bar offers a wide selection of wines, beers, and alcoholic beverages, including unique cocktails created by friendly and skilled bartenders. There are many entertainment options available at Kampai Restaurant, including romantic meals at the bar or around the table, unforgettable events in a private room or, if you prefer, you may order a delicious meal delivered to you at home. Do you have a celebration at home? We will send you a tray with a variety of delicious and unusual sushi that will make your guests want to come again... There are no flavor enhancers or preservatives in Kampai's menu, which combines authentic cuisine with culinary fusion. In an open kitchen, the dishes are prepared right in front of the customer, and the cooks ensure the raw materials are cooked at a high temperature for a short period of time, preserving their nutritional value and qualities. Whether you prefer rice noodles or rice, or tofu in place of chicken or meat, Kampai Restaurant provides large, indulgent dishes at a reasonable cost. Phone: 08-6655999 Heil Handasa St 1, Be'er Sheva

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