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Maapilim Hotel 34

Maapilim Hotel 34

34 Maafilim, Nahariya, Israel, Nahariya

Nestled between the serene beaches of Nahariya and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Maapilim Hotel 34 offers a luxurious boutique experience that harmoniously blends the old with the new, and tranquility with vibrancy. Guests are immersed in an atmosphere where history and modernity coalesce, reflected in meticulously detailed rooms, a sumptuous lobby, and a bar. 24/7 professional service, indulgent breakfasts, private spa treatments, swift WIFI, and a bicycle loan service elevate the stay experience. While every room offers a unique, spectacular sea view, the hotel is also a brief walk away from the lively heart of Nahariya, offering guests access to varied entertainment, colorful lights, and a vibrant urban ambiance. The unique allure of Maapilim Hotel 34 is amplified by its historical motif, weaving the tale of immigration seamlessly with the story of Nahariya itself.

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Hotel Facilities

  • Boutique Hotel
  • WiFi in the Rooms
  • Luxurious suites
  • lang_room_jacuzzi יש חדרים עם ג'קוזי
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