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Villa Tehila Boutique Hotel

Villa Tehila Boutique Hotel

Ha-Khalutsim St,, Rosh Pinna

1882 marked the construction of Villa Tehila Boutique Hotel, which was once a peasant estate and khan.

Starting in 1970, we preserved and beautifully restored the mansion in the spirit of the 19th century - with all the luxuries of the 21st century: a private heated swimming pool; massage pool (professional jacuzzi); private double jacuzzi in each room; sauna; Billiard Club; pub; treatment cabin, with 21 types of massages; Ping Pong Table; A rich library; A rich country breakfast, with the purity of homemade products, served in a panoramic dining room, overlooking the Hula Valley, Mount Hermon and the Golan and Canaan ranges - and more...

The place has a beautiful lobby, with a burning fireplace and free drinks, as well as a computer corner and free internet. Downstairs - a blooming garden with lovely seating areas and living areas, next to the Irish pub, full of atmosphere, built with stone arches. There is also a regulated barbecue area with a professional grilling facility and nearby 3 KKL-Junk tables (with about 20 seats) and a lawn - and much more!

For many years we did not serve breakfast meals, because we did not have the conditions to serve a meal of the quality we wanted.

The restaurant was only set up a few years ago, and we purchased professional and sophisticated equipment for installing the dining room. Since then, we have served famous breakfasts...

We were recently praised by a famous chef who wrote about us in a national newspaper: "A great place renovated into high-class guest rooms."

The chef and his wife Orit, who are regular guests at our house, Shaul Ben Adrat from Kimmel and Kimmel in Gilboa restaurants, also contributed some recipes for our breakfast...

Besides the breathtaking views, you'll also enjoy Ilanit's breakfasts (her fans call her Eti), who has worked with us for 16 years and has graduated from several cooking and baking academies during that time.

You will not be forced to get up at an impossible hour.

Breakfast is served from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

In case of being late for the Shabbat prayer at the ancient synagogue, it is possible to go earlier and even later by prior arrangement.

The heated dining room is wonderful to sit in in the winter when it rains and listen to the raindrops falling from all sides and reflecting through the glass windows, as well as the curling smoke coming from the wood stove chimneys and steam rising from the heated pool.

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