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Nahal Taninim

Sharon Area travel guide

Nahal Taninim is a solid stream that begins in Ramot Menashe between Dalia and Ein Hashofet. The stream flows southwest to the Mediterranean Sea and empties into the sea south of Kibbutz Maagan Michael.

A magical nature reserve located 40 minutes from the center of the country where you will find everything you need for a delightful walk – an easy route on wooden bridges over the waters of a peaceful stream, glorious history of Caesarea water plant and even an impressive restored dam, animals, birds and flowers (in season), and for dessert – A story about the crocodiles that lived in the creek and gave it its name!

Near Moshav Amikam, Mekorot built a dam on the Nahal Taninim canal as part of the Nahal Menashe plant. During the winter days when the flow in the Gaza River, the river water (as well as the Ada, Barkan and Mishmarot streams) is diverted to a canal that carries the water to a sedimentation reservoir to enrich the groundwater, which is located in the Caesarea sands.

In the reserve flows Nahal Taninim stream, named after the crocodiles that lived in the waters of swamps as well as until the beginning of the twentieth century. Today there are no more crocodiles here, but you will still find plenty of animals: waterfowl, fish and turtles.

Nahal Taninim is the only clean river that flows into the Mediterranean Sea and its waters have never been polluted with sewage. When you walk here you will see the remains of a very impressive dam, built in the late Roman period and early Byzantine period. The dam created a large lake at the site, from which water was discharged to Caesarea through the low aqueduct. Several flour mills also operated at the site, the remains of which were completely uncovered by chance after a few winters in the 1990s flooded the area with rainwater that caused severe damage to agricultural land. To prevent the flooding, works were carried out in the area during which the huge dam, which was covered with alluvium, was discovered here.

Estuary area

The place used to be a large dam that created a lake for the operation of flour mills and a source for the water aqueduct of Caesarea. There was also a city from the Persian period called Crocodilopolis. South of the lake are the remains of the beginning of the ancient aqueduct from the Roman period that was used to transport water to Caesarea. The lack of maintenance of the dam site resulted in the formation of an egg known as the Kabara Egg. Today, there is a nature reserve in the area of ​​the estuary, which is the Nahal Hataninim nature reserve and in its territory is the Birkat Tamasach, a remnant of the Kabara swamp. South of Nahal Hataninim, the village of Jisr a-Zarqa was established. The name in Arabic means the bridge over the Blue River. The village is inhabited by Bedouins of Bedouin descent from the Arab al-Jawarna tribes of North Africa, miners from Syria who raised cattle in the Hula Valley and brought by the Ottomans and Abyssinians from Sudan brought by the British. The same tribes were brought in because they thought they were resistant to the mosquito fever and so would be able to cultivate the land despite the swamps. In the river and its surroundings a diverse living and vegetative world: water turtles and catfish in the water, lakes and waterfowl and aquatic vegetation such as reed, great reed and holy raspberry.

The Nachsholim Beach Hotel - A beautiful stretch of white beach

The Nachsholim Beach Hotel - A beautiful stretch of white beach

The Nachsholim Beach Hotel is a pearl that has emerged from the sea. A beautiful stretch of white beach at the foot of Carmel is dotted with small houses along the Mediterranean Sea coast.  There are natural bays, lagoons of clear and blue water, small islands close to the coastline, fish, birds, and majestic sunsets. 152 accommodation units, at varying levels, are surrounded by green expanses of grass on all sides, well-maintained vegetation and winding paths between 152 accommodation units of all types: family units, double rooms, "country vacation" rooms, boutique sea rooms that overlook a rare view of the waterfront, "family boutique rooms" in the "Greek Wing" and suites that include a pool/balcony on the first line of the sea.  Between Tel Dor's antiquities site and the Hammazga Museum, which was built by Baron Rothschild as a glass factory, the hotel is situated on the seashore. A secret technique for extracting blue color from marine snails made Dor famous. The shell logo now appears as a design element in the rooms and is the symbol of Nachsholim Beach Hotel. These colors were used to decorate the temple's clothes. We offer an unforgettable vacation in the great outdoors in all seasons of the year, along with courteous, efficient and professional hospitality, free parking and free wireless internet access in the suite rooms and at the reception. The Nachsholim Beach Hotel is legal accessible and supervises by the Commission for Equal Rights for People with Disabilities. It can host group activities, beach events, and private and family events. The accessible facilities are: parking for cars equipped with an elevator, 2 electric vehicle charging stations, standard parking lots, accessible rooms, reception office, restaurant, snack bar (during the summer months), conference halls and a synagogue. The hotel has an accessibility coordinator to whom you can contact for any questions on the subject.

Nahal Taninim Nahal Taninim

The small dairy - a cheese workshop

The dairy founded by Dana Tal and Tamir Peretz is called a "cheese workshop", and it certainly deserves a precise descriptor, as the two young couple are crazed by artisanal food production and want to share what they know. These young cheese loaf makers stick to traditional methods to craft flaky and round cheese loaves. There is a shared desire for uncompromising excellence and uniqueness in each of them. The two have just started a cheese workshop in the former kibbutz dairy's space, which they opened recently. A pair of saffron spots protrude from the surface of "Ella", a soft and aged cheese with a brush of honey smeared on top. While studying and training in Italy, the two worked with grazing cows and an Italian baker who taught them how to make cheeses from natural sourdough. They allways continue to develop new cheeses! A Gorgonzola Carmosa! For those who don't know it, it's a creamy blue cheese that can be eaten literally with a spoon. In the blue cheese refrigerator - this is where "Naomi" is aged in Gorgonzola-Stilton style for 100 days.It's separated  from the rest of the cheeses in order not to "stick" them with the blue mold (in the professional parlance, Roquefort mold).After the ripening is finished, they move to a showcase in the store, to the chef's restaurants and delicatessens throughout the country. Givat Haim Ihud, Givat Haim, Israel +972-54-641-0424

Dining in Even Yehuda

Dining in Even Yehuda

Even Yehuda is a quiet Moshava (small town) near Netanya, with a population of around 15,000 people, and offers several very nice cafes and restaurants and even 3 places to enjoy a drink, a glass of wine and dine in the evening. In the restaurants in Even Yehuda you will usually meet locals and their guests or people from neighbouring towns. Cafe Gotale' With excellent cakes, breakfasts and coffee. 56 Ha-Meyasdim St, Even Yehuda The Little Sister Pizza - a nice little pizzeria at 62 Ha-Meyasdim, Even Yehuda (Karaso Center). Izik Bar - a lively place, where young people hang out alongside older people, charming atmosphere, good food and drinks. Haela 27 Even Yehuda. Boka, bar and wine shop - a home for lovers of quality wine and alcohol in its many shades, a place that creates a real connection between people through culture, food and wine with a pleasant atmosphere and a more mature crowd. The Founders 62, Even Yehuda Amana Pita Chef - is an emerging food truck brand under the direction of Chef Ran Amana, which provides a culinary experience for the palate - meat and vegetarian chef dishes from haute cuisine combined with the most Israeli bread available - pita. Even Yehuda Industrial Zone. Shabtai Pizza - a large and bustling place with great pizzas and other dishes, a place that will always be full and open even in the evenings. Rimon 1, Even Yehuda Hajuzon - A small diner with burgers, hummous and more. Address: HaAtsmaut St 3, Even Yehuda TIA Caffe Even Yehuda - Tasty breakfast, light and nutritious lunches for a business meeting or just to enjoy good food. Via Ha'meyassdim 67 Even-Yehuda - Tel. 077-8181600

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