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Haifa itineraries for nature walks travel guide

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Haifa itineraries for nature walks

Haifa travel guide

The tour itineraries enable you to enjoy nature, tour some of the green Haifa wadis and encounter rich flora, running water, fruit orchards and sites of historic interest. All itineraries are marked by the Nature Protection Society standard signposts.


This is a circular itinerary, beginning and ending at the junction of Freud and Vitkin Streets. The tour is suitable for all ages, all year round, although the last section towards Lachish Street is steep. Parking – on the streets nearby or indoor parking at the Horev Center. On route you will see diverse Carmel flora and enjoy the spectacular vista as you approach the small Ahuza Springs and the remaining orchards.


Length of tour – about 3 hours. It is suitable for all ages, all year round. The walk begins near building no.12 on Lotus Street and ends at the beginning of the Siah River or at the ascent to the Kababir village. Main sites – Siah River Gorge, Ein Meshotetim, the ancient Carmelite ensemble, the 2 floor cave, Ein Siah and the orchard. The route passes through one of the most beautiful and important gorges in Haifa, which offers a wonderful combination of nature, rare and special flora, historical sites, running springs and panoramic views.


Length of tour – about 2 hours. It is suitable for all ages, all year round. Parking – along Hanassi Avenue, Dafna Street or Yefe Nof Street. There is also organised parking in the Panorama Center, accessible from Yefe Nof Street. The walk starts in Gan Ha’em and ends on Derech Hayam Street. Return to the Carmel Center by bus no. 3. The Lotem River is one of Haifa’s most beautiful natural sites. It has abundant flora and after only a few minutes walk you will feel in the heart of nature far from the bustle of the city. Enjoy the quiet and the chirping of the birds, get an impression of the rich flora and after a short rest, climb back to Gan Ha’em.



Length of tour – 30 minutes, including entrance to the mosque or about 2 hours including descent to the Siah riverbed, tour and return to the village. Parking-in Kababir. Main attractions – the village mosque and houses, panoramic views southwards from the public gardens. Kababir’s location on the western end of one of the most beautiful Carmel spurs is a convenient descent point to the Siah River for a tour of the springs, the orchards and the Carmelite Monastery. The climb back to the village is NOT an easy one.


Length of tour – about 60 minutes at a normal walking pace without entering sites. Parking – as for itinerary , start and ending points near the Kaiser Monument on Yefe Nof Street. The excursion includes a large choice of possibilities, with a delightful combination of nature and city panoramas and clean air, commerce, culture and entertainment centers. From the Kaiser Monument, turn left to Dafna Street and from there to Hanassi Avenue for a left turn to the Japanese Museum, on to the Museum of Prehistory on Hatishbi Street – to the Biological Institute and to the Zoo through Gan Ha’em (the starting point for itinerary no.3). From here continue to the Carmel center to the Rothschild Theater Complex and the nearby Mania Shohat Garden. Cross Moriah Avenue, return to the Carmel Center and stroll through the Panorama Shopping Mall to the Mane Katz Museum and back to the Kaiser Monument.


This is a short walking tour. Parking – on the 2nd of November Street, just below the Sculpture Gardens. After a stroll around the sculptures in the Garden, descend to Zionut Avenue to the Bahai Temple and Gardens. This is a short walk, no more than 500m. each way, but the return is a steep one.


Parking at the site. This itinerary includes a tour of Cape Carmel sites with the option of descent by foot to Elijah’s Cave or by cablecar to the Bat Galim seafront promenade. Cape Carmel offers panoramic views, a visit to the Carmelite Monastery and a visit to the Sacred Heart Chapel (the short tour). From the Chapel there is a footpath. marked by the Nature Protection Society, to Elijah’s Cave. This longer tour is about 1 kilometer from the parking lot to the Cave.


The starting and ending point is at the Haifa Museum. Length of itinerary – about 90 minutes normal walking, without entering the sites. Parking – either along Shabtai Levy Street, in front of the Haifa Museum or at one of the parking garages in nearby Levontin St. Start the tour at the Haifa Museum which includes three types of exhibitions: ancient and modern art, music and ethnology. Further on, climb the Dor Steps to Herzlia Street and then via the Ben Shemen Steps continue to the Technological Museum (Daniel & Mathilde Recanati Center) situated in the old Technion building. in the nearby garden, Albert Einstein planted a palm tree during his visit in Israel on February 11,1923. Continue along Jerusalem Street to the Binyamin Gardens, return along the Nordau Pedestrian Mall to Balfour Street and then along Bialik Street to the City Hall and the Remembrance Gardens overlooking Haifa Port, past Hanevi’im Tower and back to Haifa Museum through Shabtai Levy Street.


Length of tour is about 30 minutes. Park along Ben Gurion or Hameginim Avenues, close to the junction between the two as the starting and ending points of the tour is the north eastern corner. The tour runs along many mansions and sites which are milestones in the development of the German Colony: No.5 Meir Street – an educational institution built in 1870 by George David Hardog, one of the founders of the colony. Between 1888-1948 it was used as a German – Catholic Hospital. No.11 Ben Gurion Avernue – The People’s House built in 1869. Before reclaiming, the sea shore extended to the junction of Ha’atzmaut Road and Ben Gurion Ave and it is here that Kaiser Wilhelm II disembarked in 1898. No.12 Ben Gurion Avenue – The mansion of Yaakov Schumacher, who was the U.S. consul in the Templar days. No.16 Ben Gurion Avenue – The residence of Sir Laurence Oliphant. No.24 Ben Gurion Avenue – A typical courtyard from Templar days.

Experience Delicious Vegan Cuisine at Umm Kulthum Hummus Bar in Haifa

Experience Delicious Vegan Cuisine at Umm Kulthum Hummus Bar in Haifa

Looking for a vegan restaurant in Haifa? Umm Kulthum Hummus Bar is the place to go! Our menu is inspired by nature and filled with fresh, plant-based ingredients. From hand-crafted soybeans to Portobello Shawarma Hummus and Vegan Lahmajoon, we offer a variety of tasty dishes. Our restaurant is located on Sderot Moriah in Carmel and welcomes families for a culinary coexistence. Come and experience the colors, tastes, and smells of our healthy cuisine today. Don't forget to try our delicious vegan desserts! Umm Kulthum Haifa vegan restaurant offers a menu with a variety of vegan dishes. They serve salads, dips, pita sandwiches, and hummus dishes. Their hummus menu includes various options like hummus Esli, hummus Sabah, hummus Paul, hummus Kolthom, and hummus Portobello. They also offer hot dishes like roasted cauliflower, mix mushrooms, lentil sweet potato and rocket, and others. They have a children's meal option as well.

The National Maritime Museum Haifa

The National Maritime Museum Haifa

The National Maritime Museum - was established in 1953, from the private collection of the late Aryeh Ben-Eli, who was the founder and first director of the museum. In 1972, the building was inaugurated at 198 Allenby Street, where it is still today. The museum presents spectacular exhibitions of ships from different periods, the pirate exhibition presented in the museum as part of the permanent exhibition is an experiential exhibition and the only one of its kind in Israel. In addition, the museum displays rare finds that survived from ancient times, underwater archaeology, Greco-Roman coins, maritime mythology and more. The museum is located at the southern entrance to Haifa and attracts thousands of visitors a year. The exhibition invites visitors to a space full of love for the sea and connects them directly with the museum's new story. It features a display of bottled ships and models of ships from around the world created by sailors as part of the unique leisure culture that has evolved aboard ships sailing in the distance. Address: Derech Allenby 198, Haifa Image by: Zvi Roger

The Dor Tantura resort and Dor Beach

The Dor Tantura resort and Dor Beach

The Dor resort is located at the foot of Carmel on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in front of an island chain of natural islands surrounded with a stunning view of white sand and a chain of blue lagoons. One of the historical places in Israel is Dor, formerly an important port and fishing town, which has a lot of remains from previous periods. The Dor resort village includes a beach within walking distance of the holiday apartments, a promenade, green lawns, an amphitheater, a children's club, a beach restaurant, a fishing harbor, and seating areas. In front of the Mediterranean Sea, near the chain of natural and magical islands of the Dor coast, the Dor resort lies at the foot of Carmel. Among the apartments and holiday rooms available at the Dor resort are lawns, ornamental corners, sitting and barbecue areas, restaurants, a declared swimming area and a breathtaking sea view. Throughout July and August, a family-friendly entertainment program will include: artist shows, dance sessions, and karaoke nights. More in the immediate vicinity: A lovely, spring-like hiking trail starting at Bonim Beach along Dor Bonim Reserve, a magical nature reserve full of special bays and islands, a marked route along which you can see fascinating natural phenomena, a bay of oysters, the "Blue Cave" geysers, a sunken ship, and on these spring days also amazing blossoms. The path leads to the remains of Tel Dor - remains of a city from the Phoenician, Hellenistic and Phoenician periods, Tel Dor is mentioned in the Bible as one of King Solomon's capitals The glass museum in Kibbutz Nachsholim, established in 1891 by Baron Rothschild as a factory for glass bottles for use by the area's wineries, today serves as an underwater archeology museum and offers a variety of spectacular findings from different periods throughout the area's history.

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