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Scientists are still puzzling over the geological factors that created the remarkable body of water known as the Dead Sea, which lies further beneath sea level than any other spot on earth. For visitors, there is no mystery. This extremely dense and saline sea, which has a far

greater concentration of minerals than any of the oceans, and is
unable to support any life form, is the source of life-giving properties to all who choose to bathe in it.
Floating on the sea is not just fun, it relaxes the body and does the skin and the joints a world of good. The therapeutic black mud, found exclusively on the shores of the Dead Sea,does wonders for everyone's complexion.

The Judean Desert has always attracted people seeking spiritual refuge from the world. The archeological discoveries at nearby Qumran, where the 2,000 year old Dead Sea Scrolls were discoverd in ancient pottery jars, show us how the Essenes created their unique settlements deep in the heart of the desert.

Visit The Ein Gedi and Kalia Kibbutzim for an Ideal family visit and an Israeli cultural experience.
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Guided tour – Masada and the Dead Sea Guided tour to Jerusalem through the Judean Desert to the vicinity of the Dead Sea. Visit Masada, which was King Herod's fortress and the last sanctuary of the zealots..
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