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Tag: Nature Reserve

The Gilboa Nature Reserve The Gilboa Nature Reserve

The Gilboa Nature Reserve

Located above Emek Harod and Beit Shean valleys, Gilboa Nature Reserve is situated on the slopes of a mountain. Visitors come to the Gilboa to admire the Gilboa Iris and its abundant blossoms in the spring, to walk along its beautiful hiking trails, and to admire its picturesque views. Gilboa's Olive Hotel is located on top of the Gilboa and offers views of the three valleys: Valley of the Springs, Harod Valley, and Jezreel Valley. Tel Kolila means total beauty in Arabic, the Arabic name of Mount Shaul. In fact, the mountain that stands out from the steep escarpment of the Gilboa provides a spectacular view of the surroundings. The top of the mountain has a short footpath that provides additional views of the surrounding area. About 160 meters above the valley is Givat Jonathan, named after Jonathan ben Shaul. The name Horvat Karmat comes from the Arabic name Tel al-Karam. There is a wave of stones on top of the hill in memory of the seven sons of the valley who died during the War of Independence. From prehistoric times until the Byzantine period, human settlements can be found in the area. As mentioned in the Gideon chapter, Ein Harod was north of Givat HaMorah in the valley, and the Midian camp was to the north of it (Judges 7:1, 5). Ein Jelud, at the foot of Givat Yehonan, is the Arabic name for Ma'ayan Harod, and it may preserve the sound of the original name Gilad. The remains of the small Arab village of Khirbat Umm Sarkhan, as well as Roman and Byzantine buildings, quarries, and cisterns, can be found in Horvat Ner. At the end of Horvat Ner's extension, the view is spectacular - Emek Harod, the eastern Galilee mountains, Beit Shean, the Jordan Valley, and the Wall of Gilead. Gilboa's highest peak is Mount Barkan. In the vicinity of the mountain, Gilboa Irises are in bloom. The trail descends from Mount Barkan to Emek Haneem and Tel Yosef. There are still communication channels from the War of Independence in the mountain area. In the Vanishing Valley, there is a tiny spring called Ein Hamel. Near the spring, a trough was built during the British mandate. During the British Mandate, Sergeant Moshe Rosenfeld was the commanding officer of the Shata Police Station (now a prison). Rosenfeld followed fruit thieves who belonged to the gang of Ezz a-Din Kasem and they murdered him near the spring. From the intersection of Nof Gilboa Road (Route 667) and Beit Alfa Road (Route 6666), Nahal Yitzpoor descends steeply for a short distance. A beautiful flower blooms in the stream in the spring. We regret to inform you that the extension that was used for parking near the road has been closed.

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