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Tag: jaffa

Beit Kandinof Restaurant, Jaffa Beit Kandinof Restaurant, Jaffa

Beit Kandinof Restaurant, Jaffa

In Jaffa's Old City, Beit Kandinof is an elegant culinary venue with imposing arches and exposed rock walls framing eclectic dining rooms. Mediterranean-fusion cuisine, handpicked from local producers and the Jaffa markets, is served at the restaurant. As the first art center and high-end restaurant to be combined in the region, Beit Kandinof is located in a historic building within Jaffa's old city. Contemporary art is displayed in five galleries at Beit Kandinof's center. The best pieces from Tel Aviv and Israel are hand-picked for you. A new exhibit is featured every four months, featuring both established and emerging artists. Hatzorfim 14, Tel Aviv-jaffa 03-6502938 Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 17:00-23:00 *Sunday to Thursday 30% on the entire menu between 17: 00-19: 00 *

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