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The Best Hummus in Israel: UZI Hummos Restaurant in Netanya Review

The Best Hummus in Israel: UZI Hummos Restaurant in Netanya Review

Address: 2 Sha'ar ha-Emek, Netanya

As an American visiting Netanya, I had the opportunity to visit UZI Hummos restaurant in Poleg branch, and I must say it was an unforgettable experience. I agree with many locals' recommendations that UZI Hummos serves the best hummus in Israel. The hummus was the best I've ever eaten, and the taste was deliciously fresh and reliable. It's no wonder that UZI Hummos has won several awards for the best hummus in the country. The restaurant's atmosphere was welcoming and charming, with music adding to the lively atmosphere. The service was exceptional, and the staff was friendly and attentive, making my dining experience more enjoyable. The restaurant was clean and fast, and the hummus served was hot and mouth-watering. I also appreciated the accessibility and convenience of the parking lot next to the restaurant. I noticed that UZI Hummos restaurant also sells packages to take home, which is an added advantage for customers who want to savor the delicious hummus at home. Although I didn't try other dishes, I would definitely recommend UZI Hummos to anyone visiting Netanya for the best hummus in town. Overall, UZI Hummos in Netanya is one of the best places to try hummus in the area, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Israel. I look forward to returning in the future to this great spot!

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