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Tag: fast food

Zorba, An amazing Pita fastfood stand Netanya

Zorba, An amazing Pita fastfood stand Netanya

Address: Yosef Busel 76, Netanya

A friend highly recommended Zorba's pita, so much so that my stomach was already rumbling from his vivid descriptions. Despite the rainy weather, we rushed over to the Vatikim neighborhood in Netanya where a makeshift parking lot leads to a cluster of food establishments with Zorba's at the center. The small shop had a long line, but it was worth the wait to witness the chef expertly prepare a variety of dishes, including the signature Ontario pita with slow-cooked meat. The pita was a delight to the senses, indulgent and packed with flavor. The combination of tender meat, tahini, cheese salad, amba, chimi'zuri and garlic was masterfully crafted by an artisan who takes pride in satisfying his customers' cravings. It was a dish that reminded me of my mother's home cooking, and I couldn't resist finishing it despite its large portion. Zorba's menu also offers other delicious options such as young chicken, Iraqi kebab, and light liver pita. And if you're feeling adventurous, try the local specialty, the Netanya sponge, which is a must-try. To complete the meal, a shot of ouzo for 5 NIS and some pickles on the side are the perfect companions. In our opinion, Zorba's pita surpasses even the most popular shawarma places in town. It's a warmly recommended culinary experience that shouldn't be missed.

Tags: fast food, pita,

open: 12:00 to 17:00