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The One Ice Arena – Ice skating – hockey, and a figure skating arena travel guide

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The One Ice Arena  – Ice skating – hockey, and a figure skating arena

The One Ice Arena – Ice skating – hockey, and a figure skating arena

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OneIce Arena is a new ice center, which serves as a public skating facility, an ice hockey arena, and a figure skating arena.

The arena is located in the Tnuvot industrial area (10 km east of Netanya near Kfar Yona on the road leading to Highway 6.

The center’s huge area, including two skating rinks, the central one meets the strict international standards of the skating competitions and of the American hockey league NHL, and next to it is another rink that is used for training. A grandstand was erected in the central court, which can hold about 1500 spectators. The Arena also operates a pizzeria and a cafe, a dedicated store for the sale of skating and hockey equipment, gyms, a training studio and more.

The arena, the like of which is not found in Israel, was built according to international standards, where besides the skating rink, it also contains an advanced multimedia system, television broadcasting, dressing rooms for athletes and judges, communication rooms and more. The arena serves as the new home of the Ice Hockey Academy, which has been operating in Israel for over 25 years, which is the largest and most professional school in its field in Israel with approximately 15 branches throughout the country and over 800 active players. The academy operates a regular ice hockey league for six age groups in addition to participating in the Israeli Ice League.

Address: 1 Nirim St., Tnuvut.

Phone: *8207

Kharbat Karta Nature Reserve - Discover the Wonders of Horvat Karta Nature Reserve: A Family-Friendly Adventure in Israel's North

Kharbat Karta Nature Reserve - Discover the Wonders of Horvat Karta Nature Reserve: A Family-Friendly Adventure in Israel's North

Trip Duration: 1-2 hours Trip Type: Observation, flower trail, and historical sites Difficulty Level: Easy, suitable for all family members Accessibility: Not stroller-friendly Cost: Free of charge Location: Northern Israel - Atlit At the entrance to Atlit, you will find a short and easy trail that leads up the Kurkar ridge, offering panoramic views of the surrounding area, carved stables, and, during the blooming season, a variety of beautiful blossoming flowers. After the rains, anemones and hollyhocks bloom, while in the fall, hollyhocks create a stunning sea view. There are two starting points for the trail: Limor parking lot: This starting point features numerous picnic tables and a small ninja track-style playground for children. The trail is marked with blue and white, leading from the parking lot to the Karta ruins. You can choose to complete the full circular route, approximately 1 kilometer long, or park another vehicle at the second entry point. The trail markings will then change from blue to black for a 600-meter stretch. End of road 7110 in Afar Square: Continue straight at the square (with the climbing museum to your right) and follow the road as it curves left. After crossing the Nahal Oren estuary bridge, the trailhead will be on your left. This starting point offers a large dirt square and prominent signage from the Nature and Parks Authority. The trail is marked with black and later turns blue. You can park here and finish at the Limor parking lot, or vice versa if you have two vehicles. Kharbat Karta was declared a nature reserve in 1996 and spans 137 dunams. The reserve contains typical habitats and an archaeological site, the Detroa Fort, which is a Crusader fortress built by the Templars. The fort's strategic location connected northern coastal cities, like Acre, with southern cities, such as Caesarea. The fortress, which measured 21 x 18 meters, was surrounded by walls and featured a lower section carved out of the kurkar rock, with mines reaching up to four meters. Inside the reserve, you will find: Panoramic views from the water pool: A large concrete structure houses a former water pool, and an impressive view of the entire area can be seen from atop the structure's stairs. The view includes the Carmel Ridge and the city of Haifa to the north, the Yaakov memorial and surrounding settlements to the south, and the coastline, Atlit fortress, salt ponds, and Jessar al-Zarqa area to the south. La Detroit Fortress: This archaeological site is located within the Karta Ruins Nature Reserve and can be accessed via a short climb using pegs. Rock-engraved letters: On the ridge's eastern side, you will find the letters A and U in Phoenician script. Some believe these letters represent the first letters of the city's name, "Atlit," although this cannot be confirmed. Carved stables: On the southern side of the Kurkar ridge, you can view the stable rooms resembling large tunnels or sheds. Blooming season: From January to March, visitors can enjoy a wide array of colorful blossoms along the short trail, including cyclamen, anemones, and poppies. In autumn, the sedge blooms are especially impressive. Salt pools and flamingo observation: While in the area, don't miss the Atlit salt pools, where flamingos come to rest. To reach the reserve, use Waze app or other navigation apps: For the Limor Parking Lot, enter "Horvat Karta - Horesh Limor, Atlit." For the second entry point at the end of Road 7110, enter "Horvat Karta Nature Reserve - Atlit, North District." From Road 2, exit at the Atlit interchange and turn left or continue straight at the first square, depending on your chosen starting point.

The One Ice Arena  – Ice skating – hockey, and a figure skating arena The One Ice Arena  – Ice skating – hockey, and a figure skating arena

Zippori National Park

The city of Zippori, founded in the Hellenistic/Maccabees era by Alexander Janneus, is located on hill in the Lower Galilee half way between the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and the Mediterranean Sea. Josephus Flavius, a first century C.E. historian, described it as "the ornament of all Galilee." The city’s name may have originated from the Hebrew word “tsipor” meaning bird and highlighting the view from the top of the hill. The city may get its name from the Hebrew word "tsipor" (bird) because the view from the town gives a sense of flying. Zippori, was conquered by the Romans in 37 B.C.E but during the revolt against Rome in 66 C.E., the Jews of Zippori elected not to take arms; conversely they opened the city gates to the legions of Roman Emperor Vespasian. In return the city was saved and renamed Eirenopolis or “city of peace” as evidenced by coins minted in Zippori during that period. The city had developed into an essential site, in the Land of Israel, for Jewish religious and spiritual life during the second century. The Bar-Kohba revolt of 135 introduced an influx of jewish refugees into the Galilee who by the Third Century were the town’s majority. Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi, who also redacted the Mishnah, headed and relocated the Sanhedrin (Supreme Jewish religious and Judicial body) to Zippori during the Third Century. Long after the Sanhedrin was moved to Tiberias, Zippori retained its status as an important center of Bible study and many prominent sages taught in its academies. Zippori was an important trade market for traders due to it being strategically located on and around major trade routes. Zippori National Park Zippori National Park, encompassing the ruins and archaeology findings of the ancient Roman- and Talmudic-era city of Zippori, is located in the rolling hills of Lower Galilee, west of Nazareth.

Timna Park: A Desert Wonderland in Southern Israel

Timna Park: A Desert Wonderland in Southern Israel

Timna Park is a unique and breathtaking desert park located in southern Israel. With its stunning geological formations, colorful landscapes, and rich history, Timna Park is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Israel. Geological Wonders One of the main attractions of Timna Park is its impressive geological formations. The park is home to a variety of unique rock formations, including the famous "Mushroom," a towering mushroom-shaped rock that stands over 15 feet tall. Visitors can also explore the stunning "Solomon's Pillars," towering sandstone columns that were once believed to be the remains of an ancient temple. Colorful Landscapes During the springtime, Timna Park is covered in a blanket of colorful wildflowers and plants, making it a great destination for nature lovers. Visitors can take a leisurely walk through the park's many trails, taking in the vibrant colors and breathtaking views. The park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including foxes, hyenas, and ibexes. Rich History Timna Park has a rich history that spans thousands of years. The park was once an important center for copper mining, and visitors can explore the many ancient mines and smelting sites that dot the landscape. The park is also home to a number of archaeological sites, including the remains of a 3,000-year-old temple and the "Egyptian Temple," a unique structure that is believed to have been built by ancient Egyptian miners. Activities and Amenities Timna Park offers a variety of activities and amenities for visitors of all ages. The park has a visitors' center where visitors can learn about the park's history and geology, as well as a gift shop and restaurant. There are also a number of picnic areas and campsites available for those who want to spend more time in the park. For those looking for adventure, Timna Park offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and rock climbing. The park also has a lake where visitors can swim and kayak, as well as a zip-line and a ropes course for those seeking more thrills. Getting There Timna Park is located in southern Israel, about 17 miles north of the city of Eilat. The park is easily accessible by car or bus, and there is ample parking available on-site. Entrance fees vary depending on the season and type of activity, but are generally affordable. Conclusion Timna Park is a true gem in the heart of the desert, offering visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and exciting activities. Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff, or an adventure seeker, Timna Park is a must-see destination in Israel.

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