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Capot Tmarim – A Unique Kosher Restaurant and Catering Service in Kibbutz Eilot travel guide

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Capot Tmarim – A Unique Kosher Restaurant and Catering Service in Kibbutz Eilot

Capot Tmarim – A Unique Kosher Restaurant and Catering Service in Kibbutz Eilot

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Address: Kibbutz Eilot

Phone: 054-587-5049

Capot Tmarim, located in Kibbutz Eilot, is a restaurant and catering service that offers visitors a unique dining experience. The restaurant serves a variety of traditional and contemporary cuisine, blending together to create mouth-watering dishes that visitors won’t soon forget.

The restaurant is kosher, and under the close supervision of the Eilat Rabbinate. Visitors can enjoy breakfasts, lunches, and Friday dinners at the restaurant, all served buffet-style with a range of options to choose from. In addition to regular dining services, Capot Tmarim also offers catering for private and business events.

One of the highlights of Capot Tmarim is their Friday dinner, which is served buffet-style and is the only kosher Friday dinner in the Eilat and Arava area. Visitors can enjoy a festive Shabbat atmosphere, complete with white tablecloths and a kiddush set if desired. While reservations are not accepted in advance for Friday dinners, holiday dinners can be reserved ahead of time.

The menu at Capot Tmarim features soups, homemade salads, a self-assembled salad bar, sushi, fish dishes, chicken dishes, meat dishes, vegan dishes, hot toppings, a carving station with meat cut in front of guests, a children’s buffet, and a dessert stand. Prices for dining at Capot Tmarim are reasonable, with discounts available for residents of Eilat and the Arava.

Overall, Capot Tmarim is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Eilat or the Arava area. The combination of traditional and contemporary cuisine, coupled with the unique kibbutz experience, make it a dining experience that visitors won’t soon forget.

Kibbutz Eilot is a unique community located in the southernmost part of Israel, just north of the city of Eilat. Established in 1951, the kibbutz was founded by pioneers who wanted to create a self-sufficient community in the desert. Today, Kibbutz Eilot is a thriving community with over 300 members, and the home of Capot Tmarim, a renowned kosher restaurant and catering service.

The kibbutz is situated in a picturesque location, surrounded by stunning desert landscapes, and is just a short distance from the Red Sea. The area is known for its warm and sunny weather throughout the year, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Kibbutz Eilot is also known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. The kibbutz is home to a variety of eco-projects, including a solar power plant and a recycling center. Visitors can take part in tours and workshops to learn more about the kibbutz’s innovative environmental initiatives.

Overall, Kibbutz Eilot is a unique and fascinating community that offers visitors a glimpse into the past, present, and future of Israel. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or sustainability, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Kibbutz Eilot. And of course, no visit to the area would be complete without a visit to Capot Tmarim, the renowned kosher restaurant and catering service located in the heart of the kibbutz.

Chakra restaurant Jerusalem - Mediterranean fusion style

Chakra restaurant Jerusalem - Mediterranean fusion style

Experience a lively and inviting atmosphere at Chakra Restaurant, a non-kosher establishment in Jerusalem that has been a staple of the city's food and nightlife scene since 2000. Nestled near the Independence Garden, this restaurant boasts exceptional service, contemporary cuisine, and a charming pastoral ambiance. Their Mediterranean fusion menu offers a diverse array of dishes, from succulent jumbo shrimp to mouth-watering cheeseburgers, all prepared with accurate execution and served by friendly staff. With a daily-changing menu of fresh ingredients, guests can indulge in a variety of seafood, meats, and specialty dishes. During the summer evenings, visitors can bask in the warm breeze and take in the stunning views of the city garden from the outdoor seating area. Come see for yourself why Chakra Restaurant is a must-visit destination for those seeking a delightful dining experience in Jerusalem.

Little Brazil Restaurant: An Authentic Meat Experience in Eilat

Little Brazil Restaurant: An Authentic Meat Experience in Eilat

Little Brazil Restaurant in Eilat is a must-visit for meat lovers. The small and intimate restaurant boasts a warm Brazilian atmosphere, with the smell of meat and the sound of jazz and bossa nova music filling the air. The restaurant is designed like a cozy Brazilian house, with each room painted in earth and sea colors and adorned with memories and stories behind them. Little Brazil has been named one of the top ten meat restaurants in Israel by the Food and Wine Channel (YNET). The restaurant prides itself on its treatment and grilling of meats, ensuring quality, freshness, and taste. The menu has recently been updated and now offers a butcher's menu with a wide selection of local and aged steaks, including entrecote, wrap steak, sirloin, beef fillet, asado, picanha, and a variety of special cuts on the bone, such as Newark, tomahawk, prime rib, lamb chops, and porterhouse. Vegetarians need not worry as there are also several starter options available, such as homemade bread, sautéed mushrooms, tahina eggplant, green salad, Caesar salad, foie gras, chorizos, carpaccio, veal almonds, and pejuada with smoked meat. For dessert, the restaurant offers a selection of homemade treats, including churros served with milk jam dip, crème brulee, soufflé, and the traditional Brazilian dessert, brigadier. Little Brazil's wine menu has been carefully selected to complement its meat dishes, with imported wines from France, Italy, and South America, as well as small boutique wineries from Israel, all offered at affordable prices. Home delivery is available for those who prefer to enjoy their meals in the comfort of their own homes, including a selection of sandwiches and hamburgers. If you're looking to host a barbecue or cook at home, Little Brazil offers a fresh meat menu, including tzimitzuri sauces and onion jam, all delivered straight to your doorstep. Little Brazil Restaurant is your go-to destination for a truly authentic and delicious meat experience in Eilat.

Sphera restaurant: A Breathtaking Culinary Experience Among Rehovot Orchards

Sphera restaurant: A Breathtaking Culinary Experience Among Rehovot Orchards

If you're looking for a culinary experience that goes beyond just the food, Sphera is the place for you. This kosher chef restaurant is situated among Rehovot orchards and offers an immersive experience that envelops you in breathtaking nature and a bewitching atmosphere. Under the leadership of Chef Benny Madar, the restaurant redefines culinary training and delivers dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. The menu features a luxurious and unusual Mediterranean fusion, where vegan and vegetarian cuisine is combined with meat dishes using only the highest quality raw materials in Israel. But Sphera is not just about the food. The exclusive bar, with its meticulous cocktails and the largest selection of wines in Israel, is designed with extreme care. The interior designer Marko Sabra and lighting designer Ben Alon have created a warm, intimate atmosphere where each table feels like a small island. The dessert menu is equally impressive, with each dessert a unique creation by pastry chef Tamir Halfon that combines textures and flavors to leave you wanting more. On Sundays through Thursdays, the restaurant hosts a kosher chef restaurant with two private rooms, while boutique events are held in the library by reservation only. If you're looking for an unforgettable dining experience, look no further than Sphera.

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