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Yakimono Hilton: A Leading Japanese Culinary Institution in Tel Aviv travel guide

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Yakimono Hilton: A Leading Japanese Culinary Institution in Tel Aviv

Yakimono Hilton: A Leading Japanese Culinary Institution in Tel Aviv

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Address: 205 Yarakon, Tel Aviv

Phone: 03-5202128

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Yakimono Hilton is a Japanese restaurant managed by a chain and is strictly kosher. Since its establishment in 1998, the restaurant has become a leading and respected culinary institution, known for producing Japanese food at the highest level while maintaining kosher rules.

Yakimono Hilton offers an extensive menu of traditional Japanese cuisine, and the chefs take great care to use only the freshest ingredients available. The restaurant also provides kosher training under the supervision of the Tel Aviv Rabbinate, ensuring that guests can enjoy their meal with confidence.

On Friday evenings and Saturdays, the restaurant serves a menu of cold dishes without electricity or gas, ensuring that guests can still enjoy a delicious meal even during the Sabbath.

Reviews of Yakimono Hilton rave about the restaurant’s food quality and exceptional service. Customers have praised the restaurant for its perfectly executed miso soup, sushi, and other traditional Japanese dishes. Many have also noted the lovely ambiance of the restaurant, which is staffed by professional and attentive waitresses.

One reviewer even mentioned how impressed they were with the service provided by a waitress named Tais on Valentine’s Day. Despite the rush and pressure of the evening, Tais provided exceptional service, making the customers feel as if they were the only ones in the restaurant.

Overall, Yakimono Hilton is a must-visit for anyone looking for exceptional Japanese cuisine in Tel Aviv. With its focus on using fresh ingredients, strict kosher rules, and exceptional service, Yakimono Hilton is a culinary institution that lives up to its reputation.

Yakimono Hilton Tel Aviv

Serving hours of the business menu:
Sunday – Thursday: 16:00 – 12:00

Shabbat mochas – an hour from Shabbat mochas until 9:30 p.m.

Opening hours:

Sunday: 12:00-23:00

Monday: 21:30 - 17:00

Tuesday: 21:30 - 17:00

Wednesday: 21:30 - 17:00

Thursday: 12:00-23:00

Friday: 12:00-19:00

Saturday: 12:00-23:00

Tingos Rishon LeZion: Delicious Kosher Hamburger Meats and More!

Tingos Rishon LeZion: Delicious Kosher Hamburger Meats and More!

Looking for delicious kosher hamburger meats in Rishon LeZion? Look no further than Tingos! Our menu features a variety of tasty meal options, including normal size hamburgers, double meals, and triple meals, all served with a personal drink of your choice. If you're not in the mood for a full meal, we also offer a selection of a la carte options, including crispy chicken, asado challah, vegan hamburgers, and more. At Tingos, we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone. In addition to our delicious hamburger meats, we also offer salads with your choice of entrecote, schnitzel, or chicken breast, as well as a selection of crispy toppings like fries, onion rings, and puree balls. And of course, no meal is complete without a sweet dessert! Visit Tingos in Rishon Lezion today and taste the difference for yourself. Our restaurant is conveniently located at Sakharov 26, so stop by and indulge in some mouthwatering kosher hamburger meats today!

Uranus Bar Netanya

Uranus Bar Netanya

Uranus is a local bar in Netanya that was opened back ib the 1980s! It is located in the city's old center the The kikar Haatzmaut. What's important in bars is the people and the atmosphere. At the Uranos is exactly what you'll get - good people, good atmosphere. Very nice bar, relaxed and fun atmosphere, nice design and reasonable prices, recommended Located at the The kikar Haatzmaut 13, Netanya

Emek Brasserie: A Unique Twist on Classic Dishes at Affordable Prices

Emek Brasserie: A Unique Twist on Classic Dishes at Affordable Prices

Emek Brasserie, located in a shopping complex in Mishmar Hasharon, offers a cozy and contemporary dining experience that is a far cry from the Israeliness outside. The restaurant mainly relies on regional growers from Emek Hefer to create dishes that put a local twist on familiar classics. Starters include spinach stew bruschetta, a vegetable salad with feta cheese, and roast beef. The main courses feature affordable options like a whole fish in Josper, fish fillet portion, and Lulu chicken. The bourguignon dish is good, but compared to other dishes, it falls a bit short. The pricing is moderate, making it an excellent value for money in local terms. The restaurant's overall uniqueness, character, and strictness reflect superior talent, and the value it delivers is rare. It caters to all types of diners, and visitors can enjoy a real local bistro/brasserie experience with great food at a decent price. As a tourist visiting Brasserie Valley, I was pleasantly surprised by the restaurant's cozy ambiance and unique twist on classic dishes. The vegetable salad with feta cheese was a standout dish, with each ingredient bursting with flavor and perfectly complementing the others. The Lulu chicken was another highlight, cooked to perfection in the wood oven and served with a delicious herb salsa. What impressed me the most was the restaurant's affordable pricing, especially compared to other high-end restaurants in the area. The portions were also generous, making it a great value for money. The staff were friendly and attentive, making my dining experience all the more enjoyable. Overall, I highly recommend Brasserie Valley for anyone looking for a unique and affordable dining experience in Mishmar Hasharon. It's a great spot to relax and enjoy a delicious meal with friends or family.

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