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Brown Hotel Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem – A fun hip new hotel in the best location in Jerusalem travel guide

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Brown Hotel Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem – A fun hip new hotel in the best location in Jerusalem

Jerusalem travel guide

Brown Mahane Yehuda is the fourth hotel in the Brown hotel collection in Jerusalem, brother to Villa Brown, Villa Braun in Moshava and Braun JLM which opened last February. The hotel is Located at 105 Jaffa St. next to the famous Mahane Yehuda market, which in recent years has become the center of Jerusalem’s nightlife and where the best bars and restaurants of the city are located today. The hotel offers a combination of a chic urban atmosphere with local touches inspired by the colorful market.

At the entrance to the hotel, in a spacious space with an industrial design and next to it a green and blooming garden, a chef’s restaurant will soon open, which will turn towards midnight into a sexy cocktail bar that will host a crowd of tourists alongside local revelers until the wee hours of the night.

Already at the entrance to the lobby of Brown Mahane Yehuda, you can see that the entire area has been designed in the atmosphere of the motto Work Hard, Play Harder – a New York design, dim, intimate, the kind that envelops the guest the morning after the party and eases the hangover feeling. Next to the X’s library that has become the hallmark of Brown hotels in Israel and around the world, exposed white and concrete walls covered with heavy golden velvet curtains introduce the guests to the hotel’s unique atmosphere. The lobby of Brown Mahane Yehuda is the perfect place to start the evening before the real departure.

You are invited to go up to the roof of the hotel and enjoy an urban landscape like only Jerusalem can produce.
In the background: music, on the side: a cocktail and around pampering jacuzzi baths.
(The rooftop is active in the spring and summer seasons only)

The hotel rises next to the colorful and bustling Mahane Yehuda market, which in recent years has become a top tourist destination for all culinary and entertainment lovers. Fragrant spice stalls, sweets in glittering cellophanes, jades shouting their wares from afar, artisanal patisserie and boulangerie stalls and a host of restaurants and eateries, from old fashioned wicks to up-to-date chef restaurants. As darkness falls, a host of particularly happy neighborhood bars join the celebration. The many other entertainment centers that Jerusalem offers are also within walking distance: Jaffa Pedestrian Street with its many shops, Davidka Square and the historic Cats Square, the magical Nachalat Sheshiva pedestrian street and the Museum of Tolerance next to it, which is expected to open soon, and of course, the Old City on its walls.

The hotel’s 110 luxuriously designed rooms are all decorated in dark colors and golden touches and are designed to comfortably accommodate individuals, couples and families. The hotel offers 7 types of rooms, all equipped with spacious king-size beds with the highest quality linens, a mini-bar and a work desk. The bathrooms in all rooms are equipped with luxurious rain-fall showers and great bath products.

On the fifth floor you will find the well-equipped gym, which will allow you to keep your heart rate high during your vacation.

You are invited to conduct business as usual and book a place in the well-equipped conference room, located on the first floor.
The room is adapted for up to 16 people, and accommodation and meal packages can be added accordingly.

Our spa team will be happy to offer you a variety of professional treatments that will allow you to recharge your body and mind with new energies. You can book an overnight stay at the Brown Brown Mahane Yehuda hotel as part of a romantic and pampering overnight stay and spa package, by prior arrangement.

Exploring the Colorful Colonially Scene of Mahane Yehuda Market Jerusalem

Exploring the Colorful Colonially Scene of Mahane Yehuda Market Jerusalem

The vibrant and bustling streets of Jerusalem are home to one of its most iconic markets, Mahane Yehuda. This market is a melting pot of culture, history, and cuisine that has been around since the early 19th century. The market is full of life and color, with stalls selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to handmade souvenirs. Let’s take a closer look at this unique place. A Visit To Mahane Yehuda Market Jerusalem The first thing that strikes you when visiting Mahane Yehuda is its colorful atmosphere. From the bright stalls to the cheerful vendors, it’s impossible not to be immersed in the vibrancy of this market. The market is also incredibly diverse, with vendors from all walks of life selling their wares. Whether you’re looking for fresh produce or a unique gift, you’re sure to find what you need here! Mahane Yehuda Market doesn't just offer shopping opportunities There's also plenty of delicious food on offer here too! From traditional Israeli dishes like falafel and shawarma to more international fare like pizza and sushi. We had to try some of the Market food stands, the anmazing Sabih recipe an Iraqi dish with hard-boiled egg, fried eggplants, vegetable salad, hummus, amba and spices, Fricase - a complete meal in a sandwich, spicy and sour flavors inside a bun as soft as a cloud inside and crispy outside... And Bourik, Schnizel in Halla Bread and of course had some drinks and wine. Brown Mahane Yehuda hotel is a boutique hotel adjacent to the market, it has a chic design with local touches inspired by the famous market and created a modern hotel perfect for an authentic stay in Jerusalem. The Montefiore Hotel in Jerusalem is a unique boutique hotel. The hotel has a spacious lobby, a private event and meeting room, a luxurious suite on a separate floor and free wireless internet. The hotel serves a luxurious and varied breakfast. The history of the market can also be traced back for centuries. It was founded in 1887 by Jewish settlers who were looking for a place where they could buy food and other goods without having to travel too far from home. Over time, it has become an integral part of Jerusalem’s culture and identity as a city, making it an incredible destination for both tourists and locals alike. Mahane Yehuda Market is an integral part of Jerusalem's culture and history that has stood the test of time over many centuries. From its colorful atmosphere to its diverse range of products, there's something for everyone here! Whether you're looking for souvenirs or tasty snacks, this market offers up plenty for tourists visiting Jerusalem to explore – so make sure you don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience!

Nachlaot Neighbourhood Jerusalem

Nachlaot Neighbourhood Jerusalem

Located in the center of the city, providing a bridge between the uptown feel of Rechavia, to the authentic Machane Yehuda market, is Nachlaot. The old neighborhood provides a unique glimpse to the first days of western Jerusalem The establishment of the neighborhood began back in the 1800s and was made possible thanks to Sir Moshe Montefiore who donated many of the funding for it. Built in the beginning with divided areas for the Ashkenazi and Sephardi congregations, it didn’t take much time until the neighborhood became bigger thanks to the help of new immigrants from Europe and beyond. Most of the buildings from that time still exist today and have signs with pictures and information from the time of their first inhabitants. Mahane Yehuda Market Once occupied mostly by a population of elderly religious people, today, Nachlaot has transformed into an artistic neighborhood attracting students studying in various art schools in Jerusalem. Having said this, Nachlaot, like many of the other neighborhoods in Jerusalem, has become a magnet to many American Jews who are buying property in it for personal use or as an investment. Those who will take a stroll down the streets of Nachlaot, will witness this odd blend of hippies and Yiddish speaking ultra orthodox Jews, all coming back from the market with groceries on Fridays at noon.

Mahane Yehuda Market - A Day at

Mahane Yehuda Market - A Day at "The Shuk"

One of the most colorful spots in Jerusalem and a must visit for any tourist to the city, is the vibrant Mahane Yehuda Market, or "The Shuk" as they say in Hebrew. Whether you decide to visit it on Friday, its busiest day in the week, or on any other weekday, there are quite a few milestone's in the market which are a delight for the eye and of course the palate. Located between Jaffa and Agripas St. "The Shuk" can be easily reached by walking from the bus station or by almost any bus route in Jerusalem. Inside, it is divided by streets named after fruits and has both an open aired area and a covered one. With over 250 vendors in the market, selling mostly foods from a large variety of Jewish communities from all over the world, even if one plans on simply absorbing the market through his senses, it's always a good idea to have a list with the market's finest restaurants and vendors, to make the best out of your day in the market. Here is a Virtual tour of the Mahane Yehuda Market >> Marzipan, 44 Agripas St. Start off just before entering the market at the famous Marzipan bakery. Besides having a name after a delicious almond treat, Marzipan is famous for its sweet pastries dispersing its fragrances from outside the market. If you're a chocolate lover (and who isn't?), don't miss out on their famous chocolate rogalach, yummy. Uzi-Eli, 10 Ha'egoz St. Take a right from Agripas St. into the first entrance of the covered market on Ha'egoz St. (Nut St. in Hebrew) and walk until you reach a picturesque juice stand on your right called Uzi-Eli. Uziel the owner, is a cute looking 68 year old man originally from Yemen who's referred to as "The Dr." Besides his juices which are said to have unique healing qualities from helping headaches to improving your stamina, the doctor offers creams and sprays as well for the skin and will happily give you your own personal diagnosis. The Halva Kingdom, 75 Etz Ha'haim St. Once you get to Hashaked St. (Almond), turn right and then left on Etz Ha'haim St. (Tree of Life) and walk until you see a large halva stand to the left, known as The Halva Kingdom. There you'll find every kind of sweet tahini and honey mixture you could ever dream of, plus a few baklavas if you have an endless sweet tooth. Make sure to try the excellent King's Halva and maybe even take a few packs with you back home – where the sweet delight will be even more appreciated. Ha'agas Ehad, 1 Banay St. Located in the heart of the market on the old Pear St. (Ha'agas) is Ha'agas Ehad. Although today the street is named Banay St., after Eliyahu Yaakov Banay, one of the four fathers of the famous Banay family in Israel, we can still find on the same spot, the well known fresh vegan cuisine restaurant, Ha'agas Ehad. If at this point of the day your only craving is for a salad, no doubt this place would be your best choice. Mizrahi, 12 Hashazif St. Another famous establishment of the market, on Hashazif St. (Plum) parallel to Banay St. is the Mizrahi restaurant. Once a home to a spice stand, today, the daughter of the spice stand owner, runs a family based restaurant called Mizrahi, serving deliciously authentic cuisine on Kerosene stoves. Mazetim, 11 Hashazif St. Just across the restaurant, if you're thinking of eating in, is a great cheese shop called Mazetim, where you can get the best cheeses from all over the country and abroad. Just be careful while walking around the shop, near almost every cheese you can find a few cut squares from it for you to try, not the best for someone on a diet. Mousseline, 17 Ha'egoz St. Another thing that's best to stay away from if on a diet is Mousseline ice-cream shop. Fairly new to the market, back on Ha'egoz St, Mousseline has already managed to get quite a fan base for itself, with hard ice-cream addicts going crazy for their odd but tasty basil grapefruit flavor. The Iraqi Shuk After so much eating it might be a good idea to relax a bit and watch others relax as well. The Iraqi part of the market, set in its back is probably a good bet for that. Watch a large group of diverse grandfathers (not only Iraqi) play backgammon and cards, relaxing under the sun, either rain or shine. Try talking to them, if you look naïve enough, they might even let you play with them… Hachipuria, 6 Eshkol St. If you become hungry after your backgammon game, take a right when coming out of the Iraqi market just before going back into the shuk, to Eshkol St. There in a Georgian bakery, you can enjoy some yummy Georgian cuisine consisting mostly of cheese and dough. Hachipuria has a large variety of oily dough with cheese but if still on a diet, just take a sip of their local Georgian drink. Mahneyuda, 10 Beit Ya'akov St. Oddly enough, the one thing your day out to "The Shuk" won't be complete without is a visit to a new restaurant just outside the market named Mahneyuda. Run by three of the best chefs that Jerusalem has to offer, Mahneyuda prouds itself in having a different menu everyday, printed daily on recycled paper, that's decided on according to the catch of the day from the market. With small to main courses set by prices from low to high (only up to 130 NIS per course) on the menu and an open kitchen where you can actually see how the food is made, there's no wonder one needs to book at least two days in advance to get a table. The people, the smells, the flavors and the sounds of the bustling market will all boil down as night sets on Jerusalem. At that point you can find yourself going back to your hotel after a crazy but definitely filling day at "The Shuk".

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