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Enjoy Israel

A list of 10 beautiful hotels by Tel Aviv’s beach for an amazing sunny vacation! travel guide

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Enjoy Israel

A list of 10 beautiful hotels by Tel Aviv’s beach for an amazing sunny vacation!

A list of 10 beautiful hotels by Tel Aviv’s beach for an amazing sunny vacation!

Tel Aviv travel guide

Tel Aviv is a vibrant city known for its beautiful beaches, and there’s no better way to experience the city than by staying in a hotel close to the beach. From luxurious resorts to budget-friendly options, there are plenty of hotels in Tel Aviv that offer easy access to the stunning coastline. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, a beachside hotel in Tel Aviv is the perfect way to soak up the sun and enjoy all the city has to offer.

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These are some of the recommended hotels near the beautiful promenade and beach of the city:

Herbert Samuel Opera Tel Aviv

Herbert Samuel Opera Tel Aviv features a restaurant, seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre and bar in Tel Aviv.

Prima Tel Aviv Hotel

Just 100 metres from the beach, Prima Tel Aviv Hotel offers a dining hall overlooking the sea, where an Israeli buffet breakfast is served each morning.

Tal By The Beach – An Atlas Boutique Hotel.

Just a minute’s walk from Tel Aviv’s Metzizim Beach, the exquisitely renovated Tal by the Beach is the ultimate location for those seeking the most fun from the White City. Combining upscale style and design, the beautiful property offers guests a superb Israeli buffet breakfast, in addition to lunch and dinner options, a range of seminar halls, a breezy rooftop and also a gym and sauna.

The Herbert Tel Aviv.

This unique hotel has been renovated as a conserved historical site, formerly employed as the Monopoly Hotel, one of the first hotels to operate in Israel in the 1930s. The hotel was renovated with utmost respect for the special history of the building, the city, and the people who worked within it, preserving its spectacular original architecture in the hotel’s central space and rooms.

Armon Hayarkon Hotel.

Armon Hayarkon Hotel In Tel Aviv, great for business and pleasure located on Hayarkon Street, in one of Tel-Aviv’s most lucrative areas, two minutes from the sea, Tel-Aviv port, marina, bars, clubs, cinemas, shopping centres and ethnic restaurants.

Herods Tel Aviv By The Beach.

Exquisite 18th floor double suite overlooking the Tel Aviv beachfront, offering luxurious hospitality, including entrance to the fitness center and spa.

Herods Tel Aviv Hotel is a luxury, themed business hotel located in the heart of Tel Aviv, just minutes away from famous neighborhoods and the Mediterranean sea. The hotel has an old-world charm and transports its guests back to the 1930s with authentic decor, furnishings, and employee attire. The lobby is designed as a Tel Aviv-style boulevard, complete with Ficus trees, nostalgic street signs, and soothing music. The hotel offers modern amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, to complement the vintage atmosphere.

Dan Tel Aviv Hotel.

The Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, one of the “Leading Hotels of the World,” has a long and distinguished reputation. We were the first luxury hotel to be built in Tel Aviv, and we have always welcomed business as well as leisure guests in style. We are proud of our attentive professional service and a wide choice of amenities.

Royal Beach Hotel Tel Aviv by Isrotel.

Royal Beach Tel Aviv is a 5 star hotel in a fantastic location, situated on the beach promenade in Tel Aviv, close to the city’s business and entertainment centers. The hotel offers suites and rooms suitable for business people, families, and couples with a balcony overlooking the city or the sea. The hotel features an impressive pool, an exclusive spa complex, a high-quality chef’s restaurant, a digital art incubator, a business lounge, and conference rooms. The hotel’s location provides easy access to popular attractions such as beaches, entertainment complexes, and cultural centers.

Leonardo Gordon Beach.

Amazing beachfront location, unique design and style, rooftop pool, comfortable rooms, and delicious food are just some of the reasons you should choose Leonardo Goradon Beach Tel Aviv hotel for your next vacation.

Visit the Rooftop area (seasonal), which offers panoramic views of the city and the beach. Take a dip in the pool or work on your tan on the sunbeds around it. You can also order a drink or a snack from the Rooftop Bar. Would you like to stay fit during your vacation? Visit Leonardo Gordon Beach Tel Aviv’s gym, access is free for all hotel guests. If you’d like to unwind, visit the hotel’s spa and choose a relaxing treatment from the spa menu (subject to additional charges).

Orchid Tel Aviv.

Located on Tel Aviv’s seafront promenade, Orchid Tel Aviv offers a swimming pool and terrace overlooking the beach. Bike and laptop rental and international calls are all completely free.

Tel Aviv - World Heritage Site

Tel Aviv - World Heritage Site

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, proclaimed " The White City", the unique urban and historical fabric of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, as a World Cultural Heritage site. By this proclamation, the world recognized the special architectural qualities of the buildings, streets, squares and avenues of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city in modern times, was founded in 1909 and was built on the sand dunes north of the ancient port city of Jaffa. Its style was innovative, tailored to the needs of its residents, to their life styles and the climatic conditions of the region. "The White City", the world's largest grouping of buildings in the International Style, also known as Bauhaus, was planned by the famous Scot, Sir Patrick Geddes. About 4,000 buildings were constructed in this area, beginning in the 1930's until the establishment of the State of Israel. The "White City" is located between Allenby Street in the south, Begin Road and Ibn Gvirol Street in the east, the Yarkon River in the north, and the Mediterranean Sea in the west. The buildings of "The White City" were designed by Jewish architects, who had studied in Europe before their immigration to Palestine, which later became the State of Israel. This group created a new architectural language, which is rich and diverse, characterized by its asymmetry, functionality and simplicity. The balconies, building pillars, flat roofs and "thermometer" windows became the trademarks of the city. "The White City" is the story of Tel Aviv, from its beginning to today and is a wonderful opportunity to savor the experience of life in Tel Aviv, in the past and the present.

Explore Ramat Gan Business Area – A Fun Place to Hang Out!

Explore Ramat Gan Business Area – A Fun Place to Hang Out!

Blog Introduction: If you’re looking for a great place to hang out with your friends, look no further than the Ramat Gan business area! It’s the perfect spot for young people who want to explore something different and have an enjoyable time. Here’s why this area is so popular. Location & Convenience The Ramat Gan business area is conveniently located to the east of Tel Aviv. This means that getting there is easy since it’s easily accessible by public transportation as well as walking distance from the Tel Aviv Savidor train Station and the new light rail that connects Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv. Plus, you can also find a variety of parking spots nearby if you decide to drive there. So, whatever your preferred mode of transportation, you won’t have any trouble getting to the Ramat Gan business area. A Variety of Activities The best part about this area is that there are lots of activities available for you and your friends. There are plenty of shops and cafes where you can grab a quick bite or pick up some souvenirs, while at the same time exploring what the local businesses have to offer. There are also plenty of other places in the area such as art galleries, movie theaters, parks, and more that will make sure everyone has something fun to do. Additionally, if you prefer outdoor activities over indoor ones, then this is definitely the place for you since there are several parks in close proximity where you can enjoy some quality time with nature! Nightlife Scene The nightlife scene in Ramat Gan business area is also quite lively. There are plenty of bars and clubs open until late into the night where you can relax after a long day or party it up with your friends until sunrise! And if dancing isn’t really your thing, then don’t worry because there are also plenty of other places like pubs and lounges where you can grab a drink or two while catching up with your friends over some good music. So whether it’s day or night, there will always be something fun going on at the Ramat Gan business district! All in all, if you’re looking for an exciting place for hanging out with friends or just enjoying some quality time by yourself then head down to the Ramat Gan business district! With its convenient location and variety of activities available both during daytime hours as well as late into the nightlife scene, this is definitely one destination that won't disappoint! So come explore this amazing place today – we guarantee that it will be worth it!

HaSadna restaurant Jerusalem - a unique dining experience that offers more than just good food

HaSadna restaurant Jerusalem - a unique dining experience that offers more than just good food

Located in Jerusalem, HaSadna is a unique dining experience that offers more than just good food. The restaurant is a spacious and welcoming place with no sharp edges, making it the ideal place to unwind and enjoy a great meal. The menu includes a variety of dishes that are both basic and overwhelming, served in generous portions that will satisfy any craving. The menu at the restaurant features a unique blend of Middle Eastern and Western flavors that are likely to appeal to tourists visiting Israel from the USA or Europe. Some of the standout dishes include the burnt eggplant carpaccio, soft polenta with mushroom ragout, and bacon shrimp with burnt tomato salsa and nachos. These dishes incorporate traditional Middle Eastern ingredients like eggplant, tahini, and pickled lemon with familiar Western ingredients like shrimp, polenta, and mushrooms. Additionally, the charcuterie platter with brazaola, coupe, and pan con tomato offers a taste of the region's cured meats and cheeses. The restaurant also offers options for those looking for a more familiar taste, such as the Caesar salad with Ortiz anchovies and the Workshop burger with Emmental cheese. Moving on to the main courses, there are options like Grilled Filet on the Plancha with Rice Gnocchi, Chard Stew, and Pickled Lemon, Burnt Eggplant Tortellini with Berblan Yogurt, Cherry Gremolata, and Pistachio, Mushroom Risotto with Mushroom Ragout, Porcini, Chives, and Parmesan, and Smoked Brisket with Hollandaise Sauce, Coleslaw, Chimichurri, and Mustard. There is also a Seafood Pan with Corn Chowder, Bacon, and White Corn Ribs, and a Bourguignon-style White Ossoboco with Smooth Puree, Shallots, and Roasted Carrots. For burger lovers, there is the Workshop Burger with Onion Jam, Bacon, Caper Aioli, and Emmental, and for those who prefer skewers, there is the Cultured Meat Skewer with Equalizing Peppers, Tahini, and Oven Fire. Additionally, there are some unique items on the menu such as the Tuna Sashimi Skewer with Strawberries, Yogurt, and Lemon Grass Salsa and the Charcuterie Platter with 5-month Brazaola, Coupe, and Pan Con Tomato. Overall, the menu offers a range of options for those looking to explore new flavors or stick to more familiar dishes while experiencing the vibrant food scene in Israel. HaSadna is not just a restaurant, it's a cultural dining experience. With its friendly service, pleasant background music, and relaxed ambiance, it's the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal. The menu offers a variety of options to cater to different tastes, making it a great dining experience for all. If you're visiting Jerusalem, don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the unique culinary experience that HaSadna has to offer.

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