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Zorba, An amazing Pita fastfood stand Netanya travel guide

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Zorba, An amazing Pita fastfood stand Netanya

Zorba, An amazing Pita fastfood stand Netanya

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Address: Yosef Busel 76, Netanya

A friend highly recommended Zorba’s pita, so much so that my stomach was already rumbling from his vivid descriptions. Despite the rainy weather, we rushed over to the Vatikim neighborhood in Netanya where a makeshift parking lot leads to a cluster of food establishments with Zorba’s at the center. The small shop had a long line, but it was worth the wait to witness the chef expertly prepare a variety of dishes, including the signature Ontario pita with slow-cooked meat.

The pita was a delight to the senses, indulgent and packed with flavor. The combination of tender meat, tahini, cheese salad, amba, chimi’zuri and garlic was masterfully crafted by an artisan who takes pride in satisfying his customers’ cravings. It was a dish that reminded me of my mother’s home cooking, and I couldn’t resist finishing it despite its large portion.

Zorba’s menu also offers other delicious options such as young chicken, Iraqi kebab, and light liver pita. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try the local specialty, the Netanya sponge, which is a must-try. To complete the meal, a shot of ouzo for 5 NIS and some pickles on the side are the perfect companions.

In our opinion, Zorba’s pita surpasses even the most popular shawarma places in town. It’s a warmly recommended culinary experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Opening hours:

Sunday: 12:00 to 17:00

Monday: 12:00 to 17:00

Tuesday: 12:00 to 17:00

Wednesday: 12:00 to 17:00

Thursday: 12:00 to 17:00

The OCD Tel Aviv, a very exciting restaurant

The OCD Tel Aviv, a very exciting restaurant

The OCD Tel Aviv restaurant serves a closed menu (tasting meal) served to all diners at the same time. The seating is around a bar in front of the open kitchen so guests can watch all the work of the kitchen staff. The menu changes from time to time, built by chef Raz Rahav and influenced by culture, ingredients, history and local insolence, taking into account the availability of ingredients and the season, influences from the world and memories. We haven't yet had the chance to go there, but we hear the hype from all around us... send us some pictures. Since the meal requires a fixed menu, the diner will not be presented with one when he arrives. Join other diners in experimenting with new flavors and ingredients by coming with an open mind. Moreover, in addition to the closed menu, we offer vegetarian, kosher, vegan, and more, all according to the displayed menus. You will not be able to change the menu during the meal, so please mention it when ordering. We havn't yet had the chance to go there, but we hear the hype from all around us... send us some pictures. Address: 17 Tartza Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Phone: 03-556-6774

Beit Kandinof Restaurant, Jaffa

Beit Kandinof Restaurant, Jaffa

In Jaffa's Old City, Beit Kandinof is an elegant culinary venue with imposing arches and exposed rock walls framing eclectic dining rooms. Mediterranean-fusion cuisine, handpicked from local producers and the Jaffa markets, is served at the restaurant. As the first art center and high-end restaurant to be combined in the region, Beit Kandinof is located in a historic building within Jaffa's old city. Contemporary art is displayed in five galleries at Beit Kandinof's center. The best pieces from Tel Aviv and Israel are hand-picked for you. A new exhibit is featured every four months, featuring both established and emerging artists. Hatzorfim 14, Tel Aviv-jaffa 03-6502938 Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 17:00-23:00 *Sunday to Thursday 30% on the entire menu between 17: 00-19: 00 *

Herzls Burika, Netanya Market - Shuk

Herzls Burika, Netanya Market - Shuk

Burika or Burik, is one a fastfood falfel competitor dish of Tunisian and Tripoli expats. This small stand has existed for more than 60 years and today is managed by Eli, the third generation, who prepares a wonderful and crackling burika "exactly according to the family's traditional recipe". For many people in Brick, or Burika, depending on who you ask, it's a matter of nostalgia: Brick stands were almost as common as falafel stands in the 70s and 80s. Today, if you want to buy a brik hot from the fryer, you can find it mainly in the Ada strongholds in Yehud, Netanya and the Carmel Market. The brik dough is unique in the world of doughs: both thin, flexible and really, really comfortable to work with. Its preparation is a craft in which the number of practitioners is decreasing, and is mainly reserved for experienced Tunisian cooks, who know the techniques and tricks for precisely rolling out the delicate dough. For home preparation, we borrow the cigar leaves from the Moroccan kitchen - they are also flexible, thin and behave excellently in frying. You can find them in the frozen dough section of the supermarket, next to the Malawach. Eli fills the thin burik sheet, made on site, with egg and potatoes and deep-fries everything together. If all this goodness is not enough padding for you, he will put the fried burek in a pita for you to protect your clothes from the runny egg yolk. You can add spicy, tahini, salad and chershi (pumpkin salad) to this perfect dish, and most importantly - you can buy Burik leaves for home.

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