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Carmela, boutique hotel Haifa

Carmela, boutique hotel Haifa

Ha-Tishbi St 130, Haifa
★ 10
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Carmela is a concept boutique hotel and spa located in the heart of Carmel, offering a unique hospitality experience. From the spacious, pampering beds, to the original works of art on the walls, to the well-kept gardens, to the authentic cafe tables, everything in the hotel was thoughtfully chosen and arranged with great care.

Carmela's team will ensure that you have an unforgettable stay in Haifa, no matter if you are on a romantic vacation, a business stay, or a family holiday. Whether you want to start your day with a delicious breakfast, enjoy a relaxing spa treatment, get a feel for the city based on your preferences, or return to a quiet and magical place in the evening and in between, there is nothing like it - a green courtyard, a perfect location, a beautiful design, and a magical atmosphere that only Haifa can achieve.
An ideal location

The Carmela Hotel, located on 130 Hatshebi Street, is housed in an old Templar stone building in the heart of Carmel. Several city attractions can be found nearby on President Boulevard - the Louis Promenade, which flows into the beautiful Bahai Gardens and offers stunning views of the bay, the cinematheque, the Ticotin Museum, new music clubs, cafes, restaurants, specialty bars, boutique stores, and many more.

It is impossible not to discover something unique in Haifa's multifaceted eclecticism at every turn. The perfect location from which to explore Haifa's unique spaces, and from which to roam the streets, alleys and hidden corners that only those well accustomed to the city know. The German colony and the port complex become a lively center of entertainment and culture in the evenings when you drive to Hadar and the renewed downtown.
The Carmela Hotel staff will be happy to guide you through the ups and downs of the city, direct you to an interesting exhibition, a festival, a performance or an experience view point or the perfect place to drink a glass of wine.

We wish to encourage tourism in Haifa, and offer you vouchers for some of the best cafes in the city, which are located a few minutes' walk from the hotel

*You can book a room with or without breakfast

For private and business events, conferences and meetings, the Carmela Concept Hotel offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces in a luxurious environment for up to 200 people in a variety of styles.

There are a variety of treatments available in the beautifully designed and fine spa of the Carmela Hotel. You can choose from a wide range of body and wellness treatments that will renew and strengthen your health and vitality. Our therapists are the best in the area, with international standards, and the spa design will create a relaxing environment. In addition to receiving a robe, slippers and towel for personal use, you will also have access to the spa's elegant bathrooms, as well as a relaxing garden with seating areas, a jacuzzi and refreshments.

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שלי קוטקובניק (10)


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