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Efendi Hotel

Efendi Hotel

Louis IX Street, P.O. Box 2503, Acre 24124, Acre

In the Old City of Acre (AKKO), lies the Efendi Hotel, one of the world's most fascinating, pampering and special hotels.

A hotel that is a story of heritage, culture and history
Previously, two ancient stone buildings, which were luxury houses of wealthy merchant families from Acre, were leased and connected, for the purpose of establishing the hotel, which covers 1,350 square meters. , also known as Beit Wicho, in the process they were joined together, the two buildings, past and present, a harmonious fusion of the two.

Each of the 12 rooms in the spectacular building has its own unique character and color. It has ceilings painted with unique decorations from the Ottoman period, which have been restored by restoration experts and Italian artists who were brought to Monza specifically for this purpose. Approximately six meters of wooden ceilings are preserved in other rooms. In order to create a stunning collection of furniture, ornaments, and accessories for the rooms, a lot of attention and love was put into each item. Despite being unique in their kind and character, each room contains a different thrill. The rooms are all equipped with the best modern amenities and indulgences without losing their magical authenticity and unique atmosphere.

Four guest rooms are located on each floor, with a communal living room on each level with inviting seating areas. In one of the pampering corners on the beach, you will enjoy a relaxing view of the Mediterranean Sea from the large balcony in the northern part of the hotel.

An authentic Turkish Bath and spa with professional treatments are available in the hotel.

In the basement of the Crusader-era hotel which contains the remains of a 1500-year-old Byzantine-era building, which is the site of a former Crusader-era building, a quality wine bar is located, offering a wide range of fine Israeli wines in an ambience of mystery and lore. A private church was built partly in the late Muslim period in the dining room.

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  • Spa
  • Hamam
  • Meeting Room
  • Boutique Hotel