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inisrael:  Dead Sea Region    
Welcome to Ein Gedi  
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Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. Nature seems to have let loose its unbridled imagination in the Dead Sea region. Moon like landscapes are dotted with desert oases and waterfalls ending in freshwater pools. The blue-green of the sea sets off the strange salt formations rearing up above the surface, looking strangely like icebergs that never melt. Desert wildlife abounds. Gazelles roam the craggy cliffs where eagles can be spotted in their nets. Migratory birds stop off Ein Gedi En route to Africa The visitor can soak it all in while exploring caves, walking along the trails of nature reserves, relaxing in natural hot sulphur pools bobbing in the Dead Sea.


Glorious Get-away
At the bottom of the world, 400 meters (1300 ft.) below sea-level, in an area of primeval. lunar like beauty, surrounded by a desert of craggy slopes and deep canyons, rich in history and and antiquities, lies the Ein Gedi Camping Village. This rustic, oh so relaxing vacation site, set on the shores of the Dead Sea in the midst of the Judaean desert, in the perfect place for glorious get- away holiday.

Ein Gedi Vista

Botanical Garden
A botanical garden was developed here over the years. Conditions: plenty of water, and a hot climate. The work of members of Ein-Gedi enabled rare unique plants that were brought from afar to flourish, and turn Kibbutz Ein-Gedi into a special botanical garden.

Ein Gedi Fauna

Ein Gedi Spa
The EIn Gedi Spa is an ultra modern facility that offers a unique combination of health and relaxation. At the heart of the Spa are sulphur pools fed directly from miniral-rich natural hot springs. The water in the pools is a constant 38C, the ideal temperature for a relaxing dip. The entire building is climate controlled. There are showers, lockers, and a huge relaxation lounge where visitors can lie back in comfortable lounge chairs. The Spa has its own Ein Gedi Spa vegetarian restaurant which serves a host of nutritious dishes and salads. This is the ideal place to take a leisurely bathe in the Dead Sea itself. A path leads down from the Spa Building right to the water's edge. Once in the water, bathers will experience a floating sensation quite unlike anything else in the world. Another unique feature of the Ein Gedi Spa is the natural black mud Visitors can coat themselves with this therapeutic mud, famous for centuries for its cosmetic and medicinal properties.

Visit The Ein Gedi and Kalia Kibbutzim for an Ideal family visit and an Israeli cultural experience.

  Dead Sea
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Dead Sea

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