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In the sleeping complex there are 42 rooms with the Bazilicom Bar and BedroomRestaurant in the center.
Each room includes: kitchenette, refrigerator, coffee corner, television, toilet and shower.
An equipped exercise room is also located near the complex.

"Bazilicom" Bar & Restaurant:
* Lunches and Dinners for groups (by prior arrangemeRestaurantnt).
* Wine - Tasting Evenings (with wines from the prize - winning Golan Heights Winery).
* Dairy Restaurant and Bar.
* Disco.
* Opportunity for wide - screen movie viewing.

* Tours of the biggest (800 milking cows) computerized dairy in the Middle East.
* Mt. Bental - Volcanic mountain lookout, giving overview of Mt. Hermon, the Golan Heights, the mountains of the Galilee, the mountains of Lebanon, and eastward into Syria.Cows
* Kuneitra Lookout - overlooking the Israel-Syrian border and the U.N. separating forces.
* Banias - Formerly Caesarea Philippi where Jesus granted Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, today a nature reserve with ancient ruins both Roman and Crusader, and remains of an ancient temple to Pan and a Byzantine church.
* Gamla - Site of an ancient Jewish town captured by the Romans in 68 C.E. after a battle recorded by Josephus in The Jewish Wars; today also a nature reserve with opportunities for viewing the many vultures which nest in the cliffs.
* Golan Heights Winery - offers tours of its winemaking facilities and wine tasting in the visitors, center.