Baka Neighbourhood Jerusalem


Baka Neighbourhood Jerusalem

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Baka is another one of the neighborhoods in Jerusalem, infected by the American Jewish invasions to Jerusalem. Enough so that if this invasion continues it seems as if soon enough the whole area of the German Colony, Baka and Katamon will become a sort of satellite neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Known once for its prosperous times in the British Mandatory, when it was mostly populated by Arab Christians, today, the apartments that were resettled during 1948, serve mainly new immigrants coming from the states and France.

Baka’s main street, Beit Lechem, isn’t as sophisticated as its supposed twin from the German Colony, Emek Refaim. But, acting as a melting pot for new immigrants, with the famous Ulpan Etzion (the biggest Hebrew language school for new immigrants in Jerusalem) nestled in it, you can be sure to find great European and American food in the area, proving that the absorption process is going well.


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