Jerusalem’s Culture, People and neighborhoods

jerusalem muslim quarter

Jerusalem’s Culture, People and neighborhoods

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A city which is a celebration of colors, sites and people, a trip to Jerusalem is an exciting journey into many types of cultures, traditions and neighborhoods. Along the history of the city, people of different religions, from all over the world, have set their homes in Jerusalem, making it an exotic place to discover. Many visitors to Jerusalem are drawn to the city’s exceptional ambiance and unique aura.

The city of Jerusalem consists of three main parts:

A View to the Old City
The most historical holy part is the walled Old City, where the major sites, the lively alleys and the colorful markets are. The Old City itself is divided into four quarters: The Armenian Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter and the Muslim Quarter.
jerusalem muslim quarter

A View to the New City
Outside the walls is the New City, also known as West Jerusalem. Here is where you can enjoy the vibrant modern metropolis of the active bars and cafes, the malls, the impressive museums and galleries, and the expanding Israeli neighborhoods and industrial high-tech zones.

A View to East Jerusalem
The third part of Jerusalem is East Jerusalem, populated mostly with Palestinians, presenting a wide range of oriental restaurants, lively shops and inexpensive hotels.


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