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About Hotel Shefayim

A Country Setting 15 Minutes from Cosmopolitan Tel Aviv and 30 minutes from Israelís Ben Gurion Airport

Welcome to Hotel Kibbutz Shefayim, where casual countryside living is only 15 minutes away from bustling Tel Aviv Ė Israelís cultural and financial center. Take a stroll around our sprawling grounds. Enjoy our lush lawns and beautiful gardens. While you wander, take a deep breath and inhale the smell of fresh sea air. Hop on a shuttle bus and follow the scent until you reach our private beach nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Itís all part of Hotel Kibbutz Shefayimís unique atmosphere.

Accessible Surroundings for the Physically Challenged
Physically challenged guests feel at home at Hotel Kibbutz Shefayim. Several rooms outfitted with special fittings have been dedicated to the requirements of the physically challenged. In addition, the hotelís facilities and access ramps leading to public spaces make every stay a pleasurable experience.

Lush Country Lodgings & World-Class Special Event Facilities

Active recreation or a calm vacation, an oriental fantasy or a tumultuous disco, sports activities or just plain quiet: Hotel Kibbutz Shefayim - The Best of All Worlds!